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What's my house worth? Better way to sell your house. Use Zoopla's free property valuation service to find out how much your property is worth. Would you like to sell or rent your house? A number of websites have free online tools to get an evaluation.

Receive a free real estate review with pricing and historical information.

Estimated prices for each real estate, complete histories for each house, road or town. Search enabled information on 13 million homes in Australia! The APM PriceFinder provides the Australian banking community with real estate pricing information and helps them make housing loan choices. Domainname has now published the same APM PriceFinder real estate pricing quotes for all in Australia.

Making sound choices by examining similar characteristics. Once a piece of real estate that interests you has not been for sale for many years, it is a good way to see its value when you look at similar neighborhoods. The Domain Home Price Guide makes this simple by displaying the detail of similar neighboring plots.

Select how you sell your house.

Select how you sell your house. There are a number of methods of payments we provide to meet the needs of all. From breathtaking photos, floor plans and a conspicuous advertisement on Rightmove and Zoopla to the important bid negotiation and progress of the sale, we provide a comprehensive realty brokerage services. Our local realty professionals are all dedicated to help you sell your real estates in an efficient and effective way.

While you are controlling the sales of your home through your personalized Dashboard, we can help you from beginning to end of the entire checkout lifecycle, while you can choose between three different checkout methods. Make an online appraisal today with one of our local real estate professionals and find out how they can help you.

Advertise your real estate in China with our international buyer strategy.

Today, Asian and sub-continental purchasers are the fastest-growing part of property purchasers around the globe. Because so many Asian and sub-continental buying activities take place here in Brisbane, All Properties Groep has created a uniquely global buying policy to make sure that every All Property Group property gets the best possible exposition to every part of the property markets, to make sure that our customers get the best chance to get a first rate deal.

It is a brand-new topic: Everywhere you look, there is information about the purchase of an internationally owned real estate in China. Tens of millions of affluent people from China want to move to Australia and the Australian way of life is the main driver in our business. More than 36,000 new dwellings that have been acquired by overseas developers are currently under construction - most of them acquired by either India or China.

CLSA, the Asia based mutual fund group, presented studies showing that almost half of China's 70 million wealthiest wanted to migrate, and 10 million had Australia in their minds. These intentions and the faith that Australia's property markets were profitable drove the investments that the Red Hot property markets had made! While there are no limitations on aliens who invest in new houses in Australia, they can only buy mature houses if they have a current student visas.

All Properties Group International's international buyer strategy has been developed to facilitate transaction.

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