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So many search engines out there! This is a shocking surprise for many, but Google is not the only search engine on the Internet! When this is something online, then your search is finished (or is about to start). A search engine is a program that indexes documents according to certain keywords and then searches them. The search engine is a service that enables Internet users to search for content via the World Wide Web (WWW).

There are 14 great search engines that you can use instead of Google.

Google is a power to reckon with with its strong set of analytics, dominating ad platforms and personalised experiences - and one of the world's most searched engines. However, Google's easy-to-use surface and personalised usability comes at a price. It is no mystery that the search engines are cataloguing the browser behaviour of their visitors and sharing this information with marketers and other interested people.

But if you're not willing to take advantage of data protection for ease of use, there are tens of Google alternates - many of which offer a better search environment. There are 14 search options to Google. Bing has a reward programme for the beginning with which you can collect points during the search. Bing picture search works fine in all browser, while Google picture search seems to be optimised for Chrome only.

I think the Bing search interface is better than the competition and much more intuitively. With Bing, the same neat and tidy usability is transferred to the content, making it a "go to" resource for searching videos without YouTubeias. DuckDuckGo is the search machine for you if you are looking for real private space.

DuckDuckGo does not gather or save any of your personally identifiable information. This means that you can perform your queries in complete silence, without having to be worried about the bootyman observing you from your computer monitor. The DuckDuckGo is the ideal solution for those who want to keep their surfing patterns and your data confidential.

Are you looking for a search machine that retrieves its results from hundreds of millions of wikis on the net? is a good option if so. is the ideal search machine for those who appreciate community-based information as it can be found on websites like Wikipedia. As a realtime search machine, it' hardly possible to defeat it.

It is the ideal place to update every few minutes in an emergencies situation. The CC Search should be your first port of call for many kinds of copyright-free contents. If you need to find your favorite song for a movie, picture for a blogs posting or anything else without having to worry about an irate performer who comes after you because you tore off his work, this search machine is for you.

CC Search's functionality is easy - it incorporates results from the Soundcloud, Wikimedia and Flickr platform and shows results known as Commons work. Gibiru might be the search machine you were looking for. Google and its partners maintain that their search results come from a Google modification so that visitors can retrieve the information they're looking for without having to worry about Google's own traffic track.

Like the name suggests, this search machine scans a vast array of documentary materials, among them billions of free video, book, music und softwares. Such Encrypt is a privately owned search machine that uses locally encrypted information to make sure your requests stay privately searched. If you enter a request, Search Encrypt pulls the results from its search partner ecosystem and provides the information to you.

The best aspect of Search Encrypt is that your keywords will run out at some point so that your information remains personal even if someone has locally accessed your computer. Are you looking for a search view outside the United States? The Yandex is the most beloved search machine in Russia, which is used by more than 53 per cent of Russia's cyberusers.

The Yandex is an easy-to-use search machine. If you use the Yandex Disk cluster disk for example, you can search for your own private data directly from the search box of the search machine! LaunchPage was designed to incorporate Google's results, making it ideal for those who like Google's search results without having to bother tracking and storing their information.

One of the most peculiar features on this page is one of the best search engines for families, which is a great way to search for your favourite semantics. The search machine retrieves its results from a large number of Messageboards and forum on-line. Search for your own slide show documentation with this one-of-a-kind search machine. They can also search for e-books and pdf files, which makes it an ideal preparation tools for preparing a corporate show.

Well, look at this eco-friendly search machine! Surprising as this may be, your Google search actually contributes to the generation of quite a lot of CO2. In order to combat this problem, Ecosia uses the revenue from search engines to grow timber. Ecosia usually needs about 45 search requests to grow a new one.

While Google is perhaps the most beloved search engine option, you still have a variety of choices to use. Most of these alternate search engines offer a better usability and information for Google. No matter whether you are looking for more privacy or just want to discover your choices, there are many search engines that you can work with.

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