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Sometimes this task also includes sealing the envelope and affixing suitable postage, although some employers offer prefabricated envelopes instead. Press [Use Envelope] optionally to set the use of envelopes to "off" when you want to create a job without envelopes. Press [Seal] to turn it on or off. We are now proud to serve the customers of Envelopes Only, Inc. Insert filling Insert filling Insert filling Jobs near me Insert filling and closing machine.

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Afraid to deal with the problems of leaking bottled waters and stinking crayons? Indulge yourself with this time-saving Dab n' seal moisture dispenser with adhesive. An indispensable instrument to set the standard for your world's efficiencies, the lid turns off and is packaged for quick sealing with expert usability - never leak an envelope again!

And if you enjoy innovating new things that make your job and your lifestyle simpler and more effective, this could be your new best buddy. Unrivalled DesignThe groundbreaking Dab n' Seal humidifier and patented glue with glue flask create a fast dry gasket on any envelop or similar piece of work.

Every application pillow applies the required amount of adhesive evenly, and the light, comfortable shaped styling makes manoeuvring easier and gives you more accuracy. In contrast to conventional straight-tube humidifiers, this cylinder is shaped in the middle to be more comfortable to hold and avoid clumsy corners. Progressive GlueWhen you pull it over the wrapper, the Dab n' Seal Envelope Moistener with Sticky Flask will lay a flat, even and clear gasket that quickly seals and dries.

They will only connect where you want them - by enabling a rubberized cover gasket or similar. Surplus that remains on the outside of an cover or scrap piece of wrapping papers shrinks easily and can be removed - without creating the dark stains that are typical of sticky labels. Durable, non-toxic, non-flammable, water-soluble, lightweight tacky, it does not interfere with inks, and comes off directly from tough substrates such as desktops and table tops, making cleaning a breeze.

On the side, the fill gauge indicates when it is getting too low and the closure will never stick to the flask itself as the adhesive will not stick to plastics. A must for the groomed and organised, this is a clean flask, less prone to mildew than old foam pads that can crack or mildew, and the gels are not as liquid as liquid waters and do not create lumps like crayons.

Use this timesaving device when you need to ensure that an envelop remains closed throughout the itinerary. Whilst humidifiers can remove the rubber from a shell, this glue improves the adhesion characteristics for a dependable and safe sealing. Dab n' Seal Moistener with glue flask is a neat, effective tool and an excellent way to increase your production by sealing more than 1,500 envelopes quickly and safely.

Quality Park ProductsFor more than 90 years, Quality Park Produkte has been the leading manufacturer and processor of envelopes and the industry's best resource for printed materials and service. Our clients in the stationery, direct mail, stationery and marine sectors have the opportunity to expand their businesses through innovation in our product range and our unmatched range of communication tools.

A 50 ml humidifier with glue in a flexible synthetic flask with a dubing dispenser that can seal more than 1,500 off-the-shelf envelopes and be used to glue similar papers.

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