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RTB is already worth billions of dollars a year today and will grow strongly in the foreseeable future. RTB (Real Time Bidding) is an emerging business model and a popular research topic in online advertising markets. Size of the market for programmatic issues/RTB issues. In recent years, the RTB market has become a billion-dollar market and still offers gigantic growth potential. The Smart is the most powerful ad server and natively integrated SSP on the market.

Revolutions are being targeted: The RTB and the Prospects of Programming Publicity

More than 1,700 additional analyst report collections compiled by our top industry experts. Each new report that appears every month. In the last five years, a radically new approach named Real-Time Offering (RTB) has started to change the way we market our products and services on-line. Just as high rate retailing has introduced the empowerment of large amounts of information into financials by substituting single brokering deals with algorithms designed to make the most of any market volatility, RTB has replaced the classic relation between on-line advertiser and publisher with an algorithms designed to find the sweet spot connecting offer and ask so that both sides can optimise their asset values and improve efficiencies.

RTB is already valued at billion US dollar a year and will continue to expand strongly for the time being. Based on a series of interview with 10 leaders in the field of electronic commerce, this paper will evaluate RTB's position in today's market and predict its evolution over the years.

Datacomputing enables publishers to address and optimize marketing initiatives in a timely manner, purchasing targeted groups separately from the content they are viewing. Today, RTB is primarily the preserve of direct-response advertising. Whilst the scope for programme-driven brands purchasing is considerable, environmental concerns continue to evolve to suit this market.

Vendors are likely to resolve contextsensitive visibility problems before addressing the effects on real-time brand-name metrics. What's more, vendors are more likely to be able to identify and resolve specific problems before they begin to understand the effects on real-time brand-name imagery. RTB's market place will become significantly consolidated in the years to come, with actors such as Google and Facebook as probable end-to-end program marketers, while businesses such as AppNexus and PubMatic specialise in buying and publishing content.

RTB's biggest challenge for legacy agency and premier publisher will be to replace legacy buyer-seller relationships with automatic offerings and to enable brands to reach their audience more conveniently and skillfully across a wider range of real estate assets. The RTB faces some serious marketing issues, such as increasing levels of scams and a difficult look at the prospects for third parties' cookie products.

However, solving these issues is already under way and the market will adjust and flourish. Finally, the long-term outlook for RTB expansion is considerable; the two main turning points will be bulk acceptance by brands, particularly for content inventories, and the move from off-line DM Dollar to on-line displays and portable devices.

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