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Would you like to learn more about our Retail Affiliate Program? We have retail presence in the UK and USA. Learn more about the details of our affiliate program, which shows the benefits and earning opportunities and sign up.

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As we know, our business can be found to have a lot of technical terminology to use, which can be bewildering when you start in the affiliate marketing market. Based on our Affiliate Marketing for Beginners guidelines, we have developed our own Buster slang, which lists the most important concepts in the affiliate marketing sector.

An advertiser (also known as a merchant): Website that offers a specific item or a specific type of services that a partner advertises in the field of digitisation. Partner (also known as Publisher or Partner): This is a website that encourages an advertiser's offer in real time and is remunerated on a merit-based manner to drive a pre-defined intended activity, such as a sales or leads.

affiliate link: An unambiguous hyperlink provided to the Affiliate by the Affiliate. It contains a clear and unambiguous tracker key so that an affiliate advertising company can track affiliate purchases and referrals. affiliate network: Affiliate networks are third parties that provide affiliate and advertising service. It could cover program administration, monitoring, reporting and payment throughput.

This is the rate of clicking on a specific product that an affiliate uses. This is the percent of hits that have been transformed, e.g. hits that have been transformed into purchases or lead. It means that an affiliate is only paying for a pre-defined promotion that is a straight outcome of their own promotional work. Costs to the advertisers each and every times a user hits an ad, hyperlink or flag on a partner site.

This is a pay as you pay the affiliate on the basis of the number of direct purchases the affiliate generates through its own promotional activities. What it will cost the advertisers for each qualifying leads. This is the amount of cash an affiliate will receive per 1000 ads to advertise a single ad. This is the amount the affiliate will receive from the affiliate to achieve a pre-defined result, such as a sell or hold.

Cookie is used to store the cookie or advertisement that the user has visited in order to make sure that the affiliate is compensated for the transaction and/or action he/she has taken. This is a hyperlink that refers to a page outside the home page of a website. The ratio splits the result by the amount of incoming visitors to determine the return on affiliate activities.

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