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The video explains that residual income can be relevant for credit protection. Enterprises use Return on Investment (ROI) as a method to measure the return on a company's investments. Valuation of a company according to the residual income method | Investopedia. So every dollar you earn on capital gains is one dollar less you have to work for. Setting up your own business is a good way to build up a lot of wealth and residual income.


The residual value is the assessed value of an item of property, plant and equipment at the end of the leasing period or at the end of its useful use. Leaseholders use the residual value as one of their main ways of measuring the lessee's share of the leasing installment.

In general, the longer the useful lives or leases of an item of property, plant and equipment, the lower its residual value. If you are leasing a vehicle for three years, its residual value is the value it is valuable after three years. Residual value is calculated by the leasing company and is calculated on the basis of historical data and forecasts.

Besides the interest as well as the taxes, the residual value is an important element in the determination of the vehicle's leasing payment. For investment planning purposes, the residual value reflects how much you can dispose of the assets for after the entity has ceased using them or when the expected future flows from the assets are no longer known.

The rest has different meaning within different branches. Thus, for example, in the case of the calculation of investments, the residual value is the differential between profit and costs of cap. For financial reporting purposes, shareholders' funds are defined as residual funds after deducting payables. At the end of seven years, how much the desktop is valuable (its value defined by convention or estimate) is its residual value, also known as recovery value.

In order to mitigate the exposure to value added risks, businesses with a large number of costly investments such as tooling machines, automobiles or healthcare devices can take out residual value insurances to ensure the value of duly managed investments at the end of their useful life. The residual value is also included in the computation of a company's depreciations.

Assume a corporation purchases a new piece of customer order tracking internal management information, and this information has an intrinsic value of $10,000 and a useful lifetime of 10 years. In order to compute the annual depreciation for bookkeeping purpose, the owners need the residual value of the computer programs or the value they have at the end of the 10 years.

Therefore, the entity must deduct the zero residual value from the starting value of $10,000 and multiply it by the 10-year useful lives of the property to achieve an annual payback of $1,000. Had the residual value been $2000, the annual depreciation would have been $800 ($10,000 - 2,000/10 years). In the case of property, plant and equipment such as automobiles, computer equipment and machines, a shopkeeper would use the same method of calculating the cost of the item of property, plant and equipment, but instead of depreciating the item over its useful economic lifetime, he would do so.

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