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Have you ever thought about being a webhost and starting your own business? As a reseller hosting company, you can create packages and sell them at any price. As a reseller hosting company, you can start your own web hosting business, design firm, agency or IT company under your own brand name. All you need to become a hosting reseller. Provide your own customers with professional web hosting as if the service were your own, with Web Hosting Canada's Reseller Plans.

eseller Hosting Plan with SSL, SSD & WHMCS

Which is Reseller Hosting? The Reseller Hosting allows you to repackage and resell your servers as if they were your own. Use your assigned disk storage and your network traffic to help hosts Web sites on your own account. Thus in general it gives you the opportunity to act as your own web hosting business.

Our reseller hosting account is fully whitelabelled with anonym name server and offers you full brand-nameability. Will I be in charge of my clients? The reseller is in charge of supporting his clients. They also have easy acces to our technical center with article, tutorial and more.

Are you transferring my reseller hosting hosting from my current webmaster? Only the number of ressources in your reseller hosting plans is used. This gives you a clear view of all your bank balances, whether they have been settled, past due or canceled. I' m not sure which schedule to select, can I modify my schedule later?

In case you are choosing the incorrect schedule, do not hesistate to get in touch with us and one of our reseller hosting experts will be glad to help you. Our reseller hosting schemes all come with a free reseller email address with which you can sign up for . com's, . net's, . org's and all other top-levelomains.

Are you offering night-time backup? In case a customer removes something important, we automatically back up your files every 24-36hrs. In this way it is ensured that you always have a copy of your current work.

This is the first web hosting firm to use our proprietary technology, our so-called Global Webhosting. Our concern for the enviroment and what we left behind is why we use state-of-the-art outdoor ventilation refrigeration at our Los Angeles data center. What is the time it takes to set up the account? Creating new voicemail is a fairly easy procedure.

There is also a tutorial on how to set up a new reseller hosting area. Where is the discrepancy between the datacenters?

Also we have a BGP routing optimiser to make sure that only the quickest routings are used for your information. Are you offering my customers assistance? Do I have to be a reseller host?

As a reseller hosting company, it is your responsibility to offer your customers assistance. However, this is an asset because the provision of local technical assistance is your competition edge as a reseller host.

Please also have a look at our page for the Everything Dealer. The best thing to do is to take a look at our Test Files and see from which centre you can get our test files quicker. When I grow out of my reseller hosting plans, what happens? Ever grow beyond the reseller hosting plans you're on, you can always switch to VPS, devoted servers, or our commercial class servers.

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