Reseller Affiliate Program

Value-Added Reseller Partner Program

A single click allows you to activate the web hosting affiliate program for your reseller hosting site, which is very useful when trying to attract new customers. What is our affiliate program? Where is the difference between setting up a Referral Program and a Partner Program? Dealer location, website, Post Affiliate Pro, LiveAgent. There are two partnership programs.

Participate in the best affiliate program - Hosting & Domain Name

Simple promotions with the plattform developed for affiliates. Easily advertised palette of hosted products and reseller programs. Get access to advertising opportunities on web sites and domains to increase your affiliate revenue. Bring in creative people and provide regular updating with our partner e-mail notifications. Promotions and bonuses for our most powerful affiliates.

A long selling cycle as your affiliate cookie stays on for 60s. For every recommendation you make, you' ll receive a commission of up to $125. Sign in to your personalized Dashboard to keep abreast of withdrawals, sells and leads. Get a real-time view of your personalized dashboards. As soon as you join our affiliate program, you will receive a clear affiliate ID along with collateral, vouchers, etc., advertising materials.

Whenever you speak about us, we keep tracking the amount of visitors to our site through the Affiliate ID. Every recommendation you make will give you great incentive. Advertise with us practically anywhere from your website, blog, forums, e-mail listings, social media sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Quora & Twitter to community sites or wherever you think we're right.

On the basis of your effort, you can reach an easy $30 per recommendation or $125 per recommendation. Once you have an understanding or someone who knows HTML and where you can add these code to your web page, blog or email listings, you have nothing to fear.

If you do not comprehend HTML or where you can place an images or text links on your website, you can follow the "Affiliate Startup Guide" that we make available to you upon registration. By far the best and easiest way to keep up to date with your on-line transactions, we use cookies to keep up with and reap the rewards of your partner referral.

Based on the last click, the tracker cookies are repaid and are available for 60 consecutive years. Affiliate B receives the Jack brokerage fee in this case as this was the most recent tracking of cookies by our system. For every successfull mediation we pay our clients fees. A 30day vesting will apply to take into consideration all suspenses, chargebacks and rebates. Sells will be validated 30 business days after the date the transaction is made.

So, if you give us a positive recommendation on January 15, the sales will be reviewed on February 15 and you will receive your first March weekly fee. You can find all of our advertising materials on the Banner and Links page of your partner board.

Further information can be found in the "Affiliate Startup Guide", which we make available to you when you register.

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