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regime affiliation

As I move from combat weapons to a support MOS, I lose my regimented affiliation. Awards, prizes and affiliate program (RHAA). The regiment coat of arms is sold once per pack. The R-AFF stands for Regimental Affiliation (US DoD). Regimental diploma in military intelligence.

What is the best way to apply for regimental membership?

So, you might all like to listen to this, today (very out of the blue) I get an e-mail from my troop commandant and generally transfer the same information from my S-1, which indicated that S-1 is not processing my application for membership because it does not have a certification attached to the 4187.

With the help of all of you who are pointing me in the right direction by means of the regulations, I used the Adobe Reader highlights function to highlight each section of the regulations, attach this regulations and the 4187 and send it back to my commanding officer by e-mail (with the help of a very trustworthy colleague, NCO), informing him that S-1 is essentially (but not in these words) incorrect.


United States Army Regimental System (USARS) was founded in 1981 to substitute the Combat Arms Regimental System to enable each military man to continuously identify with a regime and improve the likelihood of a military man performing recurrent tasks with his regime. USARS should improve the efficiency of the struggle by offering the possibility of regimented membership, thus taking advantage of some of the advantages of the regimental system.

The USARS was designed to cover the armed forces (all battle weapon units, separated enterprises, battery and forces; all battle supports (CS), military services supports (CSS) and specialised sectors as well as suitable train station battalions) and the spare parts (the Army National Guard and the Army Reserve). Designed to give the possibility of long-term ownership of a regime or body, the ability to hold the promise of recurrent operations within a regime or body, the ability to further emphasise the regimental or body's past, custom and tradition,

providing for regiments organized as one or more US Continent Entities (CONUS) of the same kind, connected to one or more US Continent Entities of the same kind outside the US Continent (OCONUS), or one or more US Continent Entities of the same kind solely in either CONUS or OCONUS, comprising one or more trainers' bases or armoured combat forces or Rangers' Armoured Guard Guards.

The USARS also aims to enable CS, CSS and Sonderzweig to function as a whole unit or Sonderzweig, following the idea of a "whole unit" that continues the activity and tradition of a regime, offering regimental membership to enable troops to identify continuously with a fighting weapons regime, a unit or a Sonderzweig throughout their career.

The USARS offers (through regimental membership) different possibilities for troops, according to which fighting weapons regime they are part of, or whether they are part of a CS or CS military unit or a specialized unit. Furthermore, the regimental affiliation procedure allows battle weapon troops to pick the regime of their choosing (soldiers can always modify their affiliation); provides that CS, CSS and specialised branches troops shall always be part of their body or body; stipulates that all troops shall be part of a regime or body; does not allow a limitation of the number of troops that may be part of a regime or body; and provides that DA civil troops may be part of a regime or body upon the instructions of the regime or body.

Battle Weapons is a suspended teaching expression, although it commonly encompasses anti-aircraft ordnance, armour, aviation, ordnance, foot patrol, and SPU. Battle value combatants may join one of the Battle Weapon Regiments that matches their PMOS, SQI, or ASI, and is the same as their ASI.

Note that troops will have greater possibilities to carry out recurrent missions in their regiments by selecting those having both CONUS and OCONUS military bases. Because there is no upper limit to the number of troops that can belong to a particular regime, the repeat capability of Regimenter will be reduced if the number of troops that can be attached exceed the requirement.

Quote from Section 3-2, page 7 of Army Regulation 600-82, U.S. Army Regimental System (Note: Army Regulation 600-82 has been replaced by Army Regulation 670-1): a. USARS-Regiments that are offered to the Army and USAR-soldiers for membership are enumerated below. 1. All army combatants shall be obliged to join a regime.

Even though membership is obligatory, the selection of the regime is up to the individuals. Officials who are single-track in a functional area will join a regime associated with their fundamental weapon arm. Non-base division allies shall apply for regimental membership using the procedure described below.

The regimental affiliation is related to the army arm associated with the PMOS or the specialization of a military man. Military recruits who have been allocated the SQI "4" will join a regime connected to their PMOS. Recruiter or the maintenance of non-commissioned officer (NCO) staff shall be attached to the Deputy General Corps. The regimental affiliation can be modified at any moment; however, the regimental choice must be related to the PMOS or the specialization of the military man.

2. All battle-weapon and soldier commanders shall join a regime upon arriving at their first operational units. Those troops will be associated with their operational regime unless they choose another one of their own free will. Battleweapon and Soldier Officer whose Army deployment does not correspond to a regimental units may move the selections until they are so allotted.

Recruited troops may choose the regiment of choice reenlistment option according to AR 601-280. 4. A soldier who intentionally terminates air force service after belonging to an air regulatory unit shall cease to belong to a non-air force at the moment of its cessation. Terminations for health reason may maintain their regimental membership of an aircraft-supported regime if they so wish, but such membership will be ceremony and will not impact future missions.

Regimental membership will be one of the most important tasks for military and military staff. As far as possible, troops who belong to a regiment are allocated to their regiment unit. There are no deployment safeguards, as the army's needs and the soldiers' career must be fulfilled, but it is up to the commander and the staff to make every endeavour to make sure that the needs of associated regiment troops are presented and occupied with them and that the troops are then deployed within their own regiments. However, the Commission will not be able to guarantee the deployment of the troops in the event of a conflict of interest.

See AR 614-100 and AR 614-185 for officer and AR 614-200 for soldier). b. b. Specific affiliation procedure is listed below. c. Active Army Troops admitted to the USAR shall maintain their regimented affiliation unless they choose to have their affiliation changed, which is possible at any given moment.

CS, CSS und Spezial branch Regimental Plan integrates CS, CSS und Spezial branch completely into the USARS according to the "whole branch" notion. All supporters have a duty to include in their own army the intention and mind of the regiment system in order to give troops the chance to belong.

Armeeregelung 600-82, U.S. Army Regimental System, June 5, 1990.

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