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Platform for Referral Programs

The world' s leading recommendation marketing software, Ambassador runs the most popular recommendation programs of today. With Extole's recommendation marketing platform, users can win more customers. is one of the best Omni channel referral program software. Complimentary recommendation marketing software | Automated viral marketing software | Complimentary recommendation software | Referral program software | Win more customers.

This platform offers "name sharing" to record practical conversations.

Best-of-breed recommendation software | 2018 Review of the most popular systems

The Ambassador is the world's leading recommendation marketing solution. Ambassador, a world-class suite of products coupled with a world-class client track record management system, can help you streamline the registration, tracing, rewarding and management of your referral clients, associates, Influencers and associates. The Post Affiliate Pro is an affilate program that manages your whole affilate program from top to bottom.

This system gives you entry to the dealer panels and your partners to the partner panels to view their statistics and administer their promotional material. Reseller Pro automates your whole partner program. Refsion is devoted to developing the best tools for administering your referral purchases. The referral tracks referral purchases, lets your clients recommend their friend, simplifies payment, and creates verbose reviews so you can see exactly how your referral program is expanding.

Ideally suited for businesses with more than 10,000 clients, SaaSquatch is the only recommendation, partnership and retention platform for the online world. Start-ups, Unicorns and the Fortune 500 work with SaaSquatch. With our world-class track record and platform we offer referral tracking, sharing and status widgets, fraud detection, multi-language and multi-program coaching, program coaching and more.

Find out more about the SaaSquatch recommendation and loyalty platform. is a resources manager for HR team. The Advocate Trading Platform helps business-to-business organizations identify, promote and mobilise supporters to accelerate selling and strengthen them. Designed for publishers and entrepreneurs, it is an all-in-one way to boost your website's viral audience and customer throughput.

This is a groundbreaking template-based viral & recommendation email solutions for today's online and online advertisers. AVATUEL REFERENCE avatuel reference will help your staff become efficient recruitment professionals who will help you create your pool of talents through their current network of people. Offers an simple way for consumers to tell a friend about your company directly from their mobile phones. Increase your revenue by proactively engaging the most precious channel of communication you have - your people, your constituents and your associates.

Multi-platform cloud computing software that streamlines your mail receiving path by bringing in Gmail and Outlook directories and more. eCommerce grows tools to simultaneously boost verbal propaganda, feedbacks and subscriptions. With SalesCamp, you can simply create referral marketers for your website to deliver high value lead to your distribution network.

This is the most efficient promotional search tool for the management of voucher code, rebates, packages, referral bonuses and reward programmes. An affiliate track and trace software supporting individual fee payments and offering comprehensive merchandising functions. With iRefer, you can easily build many different kinds of referral campaign, among them raffles and immediate awards. iRefer automatizes the referral and reward tracing for your company and makes your clients your best sellers.

Create recommendations about test videoonials. RefralMagic is the easiest and most user-friendly recommendation email application for SaaS companies on the web. Best-in-class ambientador recruiting program that operates ambassadors, referrers, affiliates, influencers and advocacy programmes. Affiliatly Pro is an online merchant program and an online merchant that allows you to track your affiliate's activity.

Recommendation and network group follow-up utility. Easy sending, receiving and following of recommendations. Incentivit is an easy and effective recommendation marketer to quickly develop and start recommendation programmes. Using our services, you can gather customer Testimonials, check them and show them on your website and your online community.

Camppainged assists businesses in creating promotional campaigns and referral programmes to promote referral and selling through verbal propaganda. It is our aim to help you win more clients with the force of verbal propaganda. Offering a friendship SaaS platform for mobiles, web and anywhere else because the clients placed are better clients. Simply set up a referral partner ecosystem of partners you know and trust and invite them to share your recommendation with you.

Small businesses cloud-based solutions. Functions included client feed-back, e-mail mapping and online analysis, the recommendation mapping tool for corporate clients that will help you get more lead for your company. Easily implemented recommendation tools that compliment your existing SaaS B2B businesses. Build referral programmes and attractive promotional campaigns that promote new client recruitment and increased commitment.

Automatic leadsponse solutions that deliver informational presentation to your prospective buyers. Individually adaptable integrated Referral Application & System Management for all medical and dental practices (Single & Multi-Location). It is an email-based enterprise commerce and mobility solutions that increases revenue and revenue for multi-site businesses. This is a desktop verbal propaganda platform that uses email and community recommendations to help your referral program become fully automatic.

Employees referral tools that turn your business networks into a recruitment search engines. It' a way to turn your satisfied clients into brands by making it easier for you to divide your website into people. Trace, administer and award your clients for their recommendations with a customized web and mobility application designed specifically for your business.

The GoBiggi recommendation software allows you to turn your clients into reliable Influencer and create your own exposure to your clients. Detailed recommendation tracing tool that allows you to find the best fit for your vacancy. Off-line recommendation program for cloud-based selling. Functions included traceability and member administration. Optimize your workflow by allowing you to accept wire transfers and patient files via a customer-oriented webcast.

Multisolution bulletin board automation automatically manages registration, track and rewards for your clients and staff with less customer engagement. Recommendation search engine and schedule planning tools for the healthcare sector. Fully functional affiliated tracker & manager system specifically designed to work with your SKU-based ordering system. An MLM / Multi-Level MLM / Networks MLM / Director Sales Suite with Accessible Capability.

Stay on top of your customers' recommendations and simply award them. At Proclivity Systems Consumer Customer Evaluation Marketers provide an economical evaluation to consumer across your product line. Recommendation email management solution for e-commerce companies that maximizes verbal propaganda and boosts on-line selling. Safe web applications designed to make it easier to reach your customer on time and effectively.

Recommendation management softwares with scalable searching capabilities, customisable forms, demographic filters and call tracking. RefralSnip will help you build a powerful referral program in less than a minutes with no coding and no developers. Acquires every recommendation sent to an agency. As a result, sales are increased both for the referring recipient and for the transmitter.

Referral is helping on-line companies increase revenue. Perform personalised, fully automatic referral advertising campaign with Referral. Build referral campaigns to distribute across your favorite media sites, emails, and even in-store data flows. Recruitment platform that uses staff recommendations to allow employees to build a pool of current and potential jobseekers. Elegant, easy viral market.

Expand your e-mail lists and boost your revenue with a referral program. Vooco effortlessly boosts your virtual selling by turning your existing clients into microinfluencers and rewarding them. Referral -building recommendation building tool that helps your clients stand up for your company.

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