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Recommendation program | Career

These include all local and institutional referral programmes. Point your way to a luxurious trip! And maybe you even get a luxurious holiday through our luxurious Getaway Employee Referral Program. Recommend a qualifying nominee to Banner and you could earn a luxurious holiday or the $8,000 bar counterpart.

Start today with an affiliate recommendation! Promote a doctor or advance practice providers and make up to $5,000. Start today with a recommendation for a service providers! Point your way to a luxurious trip! Recommend a qualifying nominee to Banner and you can gain a $8,000 worth of luxurious holidays.

Each employee is entitled to join the Luxury Getaway ERP program. Transfers for physicians and APP are issued on the basis of the doctor and ERP regulations for APP. You can transfer all full-time and part-time jobs - not just hard-to-fill jobs. Remuneration is disbursed on the employee's salary check.

Medical and APP recommendations are not approved for the Getaway ERP program. You can find more information in the ERP Regulations for Physicians and Advance Practise Providers. Attendees, both remitting and new hires, must be in current employment at the point of remittance and bonus repurchase. More detailed information on the vendor's ERP Vacation Getaway and ERP program specifications can be found in the ERP Guideline (#15409) and the procedure in the P&P Knowledge Base.

It is a special referral program for doctors and suppliers of banner-employee doctors. The physician and Advance Practice Provider (APP) roles explicitly mentioned below are suitable for a referral bonus for employees (current health care record numbers are full-time FA, part-time PA). A referral bonus is available for the hard to fill items shown in the following amounts:

A recommendation bonus of the following amount is available for recommendations for non-hard to fill positions: We can only place those applicants who are not currently working for BH. Actual BH staff members who change to a new job are not entitled to participate. Actual banner inhabitants (UA, BUMCP) do not constitute a recommendation.

Doctors at the University of Arizona can transfer doctors and vendors under this program. References must be made for 1:1 recruiting and do not contain references to mergers and acquisitions. Referral awards are awarded in two phases: Half of the overall compensation is payable after the transferred worker has worked 16hrs.

Most of the remaining remuneration is payable after the transferred worker has been with BH for six month. Presenting employees must be in full activity at the moment the candidates are introduced and at the moment the rewards are received. Monthly report is sent with referral and nominee information.

Applicants who have previously worked for BH can be placed by our staff. Applicants cannot, however, have worked for BH in the last year (365 days). Remitted nominee must include the name of the remitter on the remittance slip provided during the pre-boarding session as described in the remittance program proces.

Exceptions for references are: Executives who are accountable for or have control over the recruitment decisions regarding the nominee are not entitled to a recommendation from that nominee.

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