Referral Links that Pay

Refral links that pay

A number of websites don't even require you to be a blogger to promote them - and they will pay you to share your referral link! These are my favorite ways to earn money with referral links: But before I add any more, I'd like to show you how to get your PayPal referral link. Some pay you in cash for your recommendations. We' ll even pay you for sub links.

Pay for referrals with the following programs

Posted May 18, 2011 Disclosure: We may be entitled to reimbursement if you register for any of the items or buy any of the items associated with the links below.... Visit the company's website for the latest information on all leads and recommendations. In some cases pay per go or referral can often be converted at a much higher conversion rates.

Most of these programmes also have a kind of stimulus that makes it more tempting. Not only do many of them give you a great one-of-a-kind referral URL that you can share on your blogs or e-mail, they are also connected to popular online communities like Twitter and Facebook.

As a rule, you can make a good amount of shop credits or money by recommendation. Groupon- $10 in Groupon credits for each referral when they make their first buy. Tell your buddies about it and you'll both get $5 each. Gain $25 credits for recommending your mates.

Please note: In many cases, you must use the services at least once before being remunerated for recommending new members. Participate only in the programmes that really interest you. MyPoints - You receive 10% of the points of your testimonial.

Following programmes may only be available for people with an on-line site. LinkShare- This is a similar type of networking to Commission Junction. $1.50 a recommendation. $1.00 a recommendation. Make 10% of the earnings of your recommendations in the first year.

Ski Links - Similar to VigLink, you deserve 10-12% of the earnings of your recommendations for the first year. Federal Trade Commission demands that all blogs reveal when you are reimbursed for the promotion of a specific products or services, including when you share a hyperlink to online community services. Add the hash tag #ad or #sponsored to your hash tag on your mobile phone.

Probably Facebook is the best option for splitting, just don't split too often.

Make a contribution that tells your audience about the programme and why you like it. Please be sure to divide your own pictures of the item, if any, and don't miss your referral links for registration at the beginning, mid and end of the posting.

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