Real Time Bidding Platforms

Real-time tendering platforms

A number of "programmatic" or technology-driven advertising platforms allow publishers to sell their inventory in advance at a fixed price instead of auctioning it. Inonomy is an intelligent in-image platform that enables publishers and ad networks to monetize the most engaged areas of websites and editorial images. SmartyAds and its real-time bidding solutions are the final player. RTB explains - Programmatic Purchasing, Platforms, Advertising & Networks. Why is real-time application important for your PPC campaign?

Which are the top 5 real-time bidding platforms in the on-line ad market?

Serious web serving is a very important point and serious monetarization headaches for web publisher. Fewer advertising inventories per page impression forces advertisers to look for new ways to monetize their advertising inventories. You should be aware that real-time budding platforms are a great workaround. In the first place, we need to take a look at DoubleClick Ad Exchange - a worldwide ad space for advertising networking and demand-driven third-party platforms.

The DoubleClick is the largest marketplace for publishing houses. Next is Linux based Linux - it is a large, truly high-performance trading system that is a must for monetizing publishing companies. It is a large advertising ecosystem that works with advertisers and brand owners around the globe (around 50 countries) and delivers 200 billion referrals per months to an audience of 557 million people.

RTB is the pivotal enabling technologies for boosting publishers' revenue. Inonomy is an intimate, smart imaging solution that enables advertisers and ad serving companies to monetise the most engaging areas of web sites and content imagery. SmartyAds and its real-time bidding solutions are the final game. SmartAds is one of the world's most advanced suppliers of RTB technologies in today's world.

Using this unique platform, you can get your ads on the right page (with the right content) at the right time and in the shortest possible time. This saves you time and makes the most of your money with SmartyAds RTB technolog.

Infographics: All you need to know about real-time application for display ads.

Real-time bidding, or RTB, is nothing new for real SEMs. They are used to the idea that all recruiters bid against each other in real time to achieve good advertising results on Google, Bing and other popular websites. However, RTB has grown further in terms of screen advertising surface where advertiser are competing with each other, buying placements and being shown in less than a second.

The following discussion focuses on theemand Side Platform (DSP) tool (s) used by marketers to deliver their offers through ad networks where publisher stocks are offered. Moderately kuratierte Infografiken with high-quality contents and information about Social Media, Suche, mobile Marketing and other statistics to the digitally Marketingbranche. Have a look at our SEO graphics on our affiliate site, .

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