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As Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. initiated the establishment of his name-giving foundation, he moved from NFL Game Changer to Community Life Changer. Football Executive Record de Ralph Wilson. The Ralph Wilson Youth Club (RWYC) is a social, educational and recreational facility in Temple, TX.

Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Ralph C. Wilson, Jr.


This is Ralph Cookerly Wilson Jr. He was an U.S. business man and sport manager (October 17, 1918 - March 25, 2014). Known primarily as the creator and proprietor of the Buffalo Bills, a National Football Leagues (NFL) outfit. One of the founders of the AFL, the NFL's 1970 merger division, he was the last of the AFL's initial homeowners to own his game.

He was the oldest NFL proprietor at the point of his demise, at the ages of 95, and the third longest proprietor in the NFL's entirety ( over 54 years, behind the 63 years that George Halas possessed the Chicago Bears and almost the same as the 55 years that Art Rooney possessed the Pittsburgh Steelers[1], although Rooney's property and teams were disrupted in the1940s due to some complex business).

2 ] He was admitted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2009. Wilson, a Detroit Lions[7] minority-owned individual, learned of Lamar Hunt's plan for a new division, the American Football Leagues, against the NFL. Tried to put together a Miami squad, but was rejected.

The next was Buffalo, where the AFL owner's first election, Pat McGroder, had refused to form a group. Wilson Hunt sent a wire in September 1959 saying, "Count me to Buffalo. "8 "8] He called his new squad the Bills, after a former squad that had been playing at the All-America Football Conference from 1946 to 1949.

The Buffalo Bills became the official 7th AFL crew on October 28, 1959. In a " small-scale " niche Wilson made pro soccer a huge hit and signed celebrities such as Cookie Gilchrist, Jack Kemp and Tom Sestak as well as Hall of Famers Billy Shaw and O. J. Simpson. In 2001, Wilson stepped down from the presidential post and transferred operative responsibility to General Manager Tom Donahoe[17]; in 2006, Wilson took responsibility for running the group.

18 ] Wilson resigned again as head of the teams and this January 1, 2013, handed over full responsibility for the operation of the teams to Russ Brandon. 19 ] He consulted with Brandon about teams and leagues until his deathbed. On March 25, 2014, Wilson passed away in his home from causes of nature at the age of 95.

His legacy remained the trustee until it was sold to the Buffalo Sabres owners, Terrence Pegula, and his spouse in September 2014. 27 ] The revenue from the sales will be used to establish a foundation for Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation funding charity causes in the Buffalo and Detroit areas, in accordance with Wilson's directions for the funds established before his deaths.

28 ] The organisation was supervised by his relative Mary Owen for a few time period until its selling to the Pegulas was complete on 8 October 2014. Wilson was voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on 31 January 2009 along with the former Buffalo Bills defense end Bruce Smith. 29 ] The Hall of Fame match, staged the morning after the 2009 induction, deviated from the standard AFC-NFC formats and was instead hosted by two initial American Football League teams: the Buffalo Bills and the Tennessee Titans (formerly Houston Oilers).

After Wilson's election, this matching was advertised. As with Wilson, Titan's proprietor Bud Adams was the only proprietor his squad ever had, and the two were the only live members of the Foolish Club, the founding members of the eight AFL squads. Adams and Wilson are two of only four men who have held a continuous pro-ball franchise for fifty years (George Halas, who held the Chicago Bears from 1920 until his demise in 1983, is the third, and William Clay Ford Sr., Wilson's neighbour who held the Detroit Lions from 1961 to 2014, is the fourth).

For several years Wilson was also active in the thoroughbred race sports, both as a breeders and as an owners in France and the USA. Ralph C. Wilson Jr. School of Education, St. John Fisher College, Rochester, New York. Buffalo Hospice Stationary Unit is called after him.

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