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Comparison between CJ Affiliate by Conversant and Rakuten LinkShare, including market share analysis. Learn from the people who know best what works well with Rakuten LinkShare. Any files on Rakuten LinkShare contain three fields in the header: In order to create a data feed for Rakuten LinkShare, follow the instructions below. The Rakuten Affiliate Network (formerly LinkShare) was voted best affiliate network three years in a row!

LinkShare Review for Publishers

Rakuten LinkShare was established in 1996 and is one of the oldest partner ecosystems still in use. Nevertheless, it is worth looking through their advertiser and using them to complement screen ads as well as affilate deals that you may have from other networking sites. Casual pay plans, restricted number of advertiser. Requirements to the language of the publisher:

The Publisher Membership Agreement does not contain any special requirements regarding languages. Forbidden content from publishers: Partner. Size of network: more than 1,000 marketers. Random sampling of publishers: LinkShare Tech Rakuten Evaluation: First of all, like most affilate networking to operate advertising campaigns, you must be authorized by each and every one of them.

It is also possible to generate a rotary ad that randomly displays one of several different ad entities, which can be very advantageous for test cases and allows the publisher to eliminate the need to deploy a third-party ad serving to provide the same performance.

Different depending on the advertisers. Implementing technology: HTML. LinkShare's report capabilities are relatively easy to understand and use. As soon as you have chosen the right location, there are quick report or advanced report options, both of which are quite easy to use.

LinkShare Rakuten payments rating: Different depending on the advertising company. Available methods of payment: Conditions of payment: Min. payout threshold: $1. Rakuten LinkShare Account Help Rating: Although not as large or widespread as Commission Junction, LinkShare from Rakuten Inc. is a sustainable alternate partner ecosystem for those who want to find a different choice of marketers or just test something else.

Discount " is defined differently for each advertisers, but it usually refers to a sales, subscriptions or leads. Just creating an impression or click alone does not generate revenues, although editors have the ability to show revenues in the form of EPC and e-commerce rate in their report, so they can easily match apple-to-apple numbers with ad network displays such as Google AdSense.

Though CJ is more or less the big sister of LinkShare, there are a few things that LinkShare can do better than CJ, namely when it comes to the extended possibilities of advertising block creation.

If, for example, the advertiser XYZ has eight medium-sized rectangular ad blocks to select from, you don't have to bother to test them one at a time or to integrate them into a third-party ad serving to turn them around.

Yet another strong LinkShare function is the possibility to effortlessly generate customised depth hyperlinks to any page on an advertiser's website. Rather than using a off-the-shelf advertising ad or linking device that points to a off-the-shelf landing page (or perhaps just the home page) on the XYZ advertiser's website, you can build a customised depth linking your users directly to the Widgetizer 3000 products page.

Removing the need for users to browse the XYZ website to find what they are looking for has almost certainly helped increase the convert rates of your affilate links, which means more commission in your pockets. Whilst CJ allows deeper links, LinkShare is more interactive and easy to follow.

LinkShare's support is not a high priority for them, but is usually good enough. Although no individual account agent is associated with new publishers and there is no e-mail available, there is a Contacts page that you can use to make all inquiries. As with other affiliated networking sites, there are as many terms and conditions and support agents you need to keep an eye on as you have marketers.

However, this is largely a feature of LinkShare's membership advertising scheme and is not entirely their responsibility. The biggest disadvantage of LinkShare may be the conditions of use.

Ultimately, CJ is still the 800-pound guerilla and the uncontested leader of affilate networking.

In fact, you may find that some marketers will outperform LinkShare in comparison to the CJ.

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