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Please click below to visit our US partner network Rakuten. You can log in and join our network if you are already a member. This article describes how to create and configure the Rakuten LinkShare Partner Program. We' ve partnered with Rakuten Linkshare, a leading affiliate network, to track and manage our affiliate program. Rakuten/Linkshare affiliate network.

1 - Navigate to the transactions page.

All affiliate relations are not the same. It is not every affiliate who uses affiliate hyperlinks in his own advertising, but uses the affiliate net for handling payments.

Next, click on the "Manual Credit" icon to start the one or more affiliate credits processing. The next item is the location ID, this is the ID of the partner, so that RAN can make the corresponding payment. Press the OK key and the manually generated funds are complet. The addition of hand held deals is not a day-to-day job, but the affiliate relations that demand it should be maintained and executed as often as possible.

This type of relationship takes a little more practice, but can be valuable in the long run. Affiliate managers group together or live in a coherent group ("unassigned")?

A lot of programme directors don't group their members, but they should be. Are you sending the same messages to all your partners? This article will explain how to group an affiliate in the Rakuten Affiliate Network.

Your first steps are to register with your Rakuten Affiliate Network affiliate retailer area. Then move the mouse over the Publicers page and click Publicer Groups. In the next stage, choose the editors you want to move to the new group.

Want to mouse over the Publisher page and click My publishers. There are several ways to screen your recent affilates, but if you want to see the full listing, just click "Search" (don't add filters). Once all your partners are displayed, select the checkbox in the upper right hand corner of the one you want to move to the new group.

Finally, select the group to which you want to move the partners.

It' s just astonishing how many dealers we have worked with over the years who have neglected important parts of their affiliate programs. By not using a peer to peer link, marketers disregard a strong affiliate group.

This includes pricing comparisons and search engines, but also allows subsidiaries to use web based products in their own markets. Today's article will cover and debate Rakuten Affiliate Network related products feeding, advertiser needs and uploading a feedback message. The creation of a Rakuten Affiliate Network Feeder Profile is quite simple, but must contain certain boxes for it to be valid.

As soon as the Creative Suite Vault ( "CSV") contains all the items you want to make available to your Affiliate, you will need to submit it within the Advertising Medium panel. Files have been submitted and an e-mail is sent to the individual stored within the advertisers surface when finished.

Allow about 30 seconds and review the section "Product Links" to make sure the files are present and all pictures are working. This article is important to readers if you are an affiliate who operates an affiliate programme in the Rakuten affiliate network.

Deal Dispatcher is a montly email that is sent to subscription advertisers and allows you to promote specific promotional offers and even advertiser promotion (e.g. commission increase, bonus, etc.).

Among the choices are: consumers - vouchers, consumers - free mail, consumers - turnover/percentage off, publishing - higher commissions/returns day, publishing - new creative/link style, to name a few. Make sure the links match the offers you made. Quotation - This is the quotation used for publishing houses (alias - terms).

Are you going to use the basic service or are you going to make a totally new service for this promotion? Status and End Date - make sure the transaction is running for at least 30 trading day so partners who failed to do so can still trade.

Affiliate networking allows affiliate executives to directly recruite members through the affiliate panel. It is a good way to find specific members who are already acquainted with the affiliate ecosystem, it is what we call "Low-Hanging Fruits". The Rakuten Affiliate Net has this feature and should be used by all affiliate directors with programs in this area.

I' ll be providing a step-by-step tutorial on how to recruit Rakuten affiliates to the affiliate network. The RAN provides several ways to find potential partners. The Publisher name, Site ID and URL can be entered (via the drop-down list shown in the lower image).

Also the above options can only be used if you know the information, so there are other ways to find partners without having to know all their information. The only thing you have to do is select the categories and click on "Include".

Check the roster of prospective affiliate prospects and start publishing listings.

In order to boost deals to partners you wish to work with, just check the checkbox in the menu on the right (you can select all the partners on the page by checking the checkbox in the grey section). As soon as the partners are chosen, browse to the bottom of the page and click on "Expand offer", then on "Selected".

In this way, you can submit a quote only to the partners you select. It'?s almost over. Check the offers displayed (there may be more than one, but make sure it is the one with the right conditions). Simply flush and refresh every single Rakuten affiliate you want to refer.

There is one important point I would like to highlight when it comes to network recruitment; after sending the quote, there is always a direct e-mail to the affiliate that they know that a quote has been sent and that the affiliate programme conditions are being checked.

Start your affiliate programme in the Rakuten affiliate network and the set-up procedure is almost completed, except for one point, the affiliate offering (basic offer). Perhaps the most important part of the programme is the range on sale. Contains programme information (e.g. withdrawals, cookies lifetime and conditions of use).

I' ll provide step-by-step instructions on how to create and publish quotes for your affiliate programme on the Rakuten Affiliate Network.

In this section, you will enter the withdrawal information for the partners. The RAN provides general trading rules, but I suggest you create your own, which contain exactly what the affiliate can and can't do, and the punishments for not adhering to them.

Nearly done! Check the quotation now to guarantee precision.

This will take you to a page where you can see all our latest news, specials, past specials or future specials. You can also modify the quotations here and modify the standard quotation to the one you selected. *Note - To expand personal offerings of the base line to include an affiliate through the RAN gateway, a copy (mirror) of the base line offering must be made or no offerings can be expanded through the base line offering.

Preparing quotations is not complicated, but it is a job that needs to be done with accuracy. In continuation of the article about the Rakuten affiliate network interfaces, the focus today is on the addition of the banner.

There is a step-by-step tutorial sketched out to accomplish the job of posting a banner to your Rakuten affiliate network conct. Similar to how you click to insert text link, click on the "Links" icon in the primary menu.

They have the possibility to either run the ads on your own servers or have them hosted by RAN (Rakuten Affiliate Network), the decision is yours, but there may be a fee when RAN is hosting them. Allows you to associate the ad with all your associates, a group or single associates (just like text links).

A further short instruction for navigation through the Rakuten affiliate network interfaces is ready. The provision of creative people for affilates is a compulsory duty, but must also be carried out properly.

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