Radio Production Companies

radio production companies

Sites in the category "Radio production companies". The radio production companies listed in the O'Dwyers PR Services Directory. Grace Gibson, an American by birth, founded one of the most successful radio production companies in the world. For an independent production company where you can submit ideas, please visit www.radioindies.

org for information on British radio indie. Just-Radio is one of the most respected independent radio production companies in the country.

Radioproduction companies | O'Dwyer's Public Relations Database

O'Dwyer's data base contains communication tools that buy on-line for companies that provide PR with goods and service. Contact the companies below for help with your next radio press trip or individual press releases. The 4media Group is an integrative communication enterprise specialized in the broadcasting and data processing sector.

In addition, we carry out marketing research, focal groups and PR-interviews. <: AKA MEDIA INC. Offering imaginative, holistic production, smart sales and full programme delivery for many of the world's most popular brand names. C&J Mediaworks. Hequist Productions, Postfach 1475, Fairfield, IA 52556.

MediaTracks Communications, Inc. ⢠Audio New Releases - Assured placements on-air and on-line through the Radio Health Journal syndicate and Viewpoints programmes. ⢠Radio Media Tours - Benefit from our contact with large broadcasters, network and consortium programmes. ⢠Custom Feed Radio Releases ⢠Custom Feed Radio Releases - Powered Pieced Messages and Features Stories for Country, Region and Locality.

⢠PSAs - We manufacture and disseminate your local, regional or national PSAs. ⢠podcasts - writing, hosting, production and selling of audiovisual codcasts. Margaret Media, 26 Perry Street, New York, NY 10014. Messages & Experts, 3748 Turman Loop, #101, Wesley Chapel, FL 33544. News Exposure, 1765 N. Elston Ave.

Monkeys Mediaitching, Waldwick, NJ 07643. Please see Satellite Media Tours for a complete list. <font color="#ffff00">PLUS Media Inc. AND WE KNOW, HOW TO GET THE RADIO RUNNING FOR HER. PREMIERETV offers Radio Media Tours with more than 25 years of PREMIERETV radio media expertise and a wide range of audiences. We' ll broadcast your speaker over the air, on a nationwide radio station syndication and high profile radio broadcasts.

With our radio promotions, your product is in the consumer's hand and at the same time you are supported by radio people. And our audio news release is sure to get to dozens of million people. Prime-time media, studios in Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver, London. Prime-time media is one of the most trustworthy organisations in the world.

Our speciality is working with the medium, distributing the medium and all kinds of broadcasting and communication. Our company develops strategy and solution for brand names, advertising companies, all areas of amusement, publishers, sports, healthcare, aesthetics, lifestyle as well as consumer goods. Formerly the television stations with the best early bird and later programmes, we know how broadcasters think and what they want.

Together with long-standing relations to decision-makers in all types of medias, we help you achieve your goals. Our services offer you the best positioning for your messages and your budgets. In addition, we aim at the biggest public and collect the most press images for you. Ostrich Medias Strategies, Inc. On the occasion of our twenty-third centenary in 2019, Strauss Management Company, Inc.

is the nation's leading PR, communication and strategic services provider specialising in TV and radio. Strauss Media Strategic not only works with another cranky it out booking agency, but works in close collaboration with its customers to create combat-specific policies and policies that deliver results. Together, our employees bring more than 270 years of transmission expertise and judgement to our customers and have conducted ten thousand high standard qualitative surveys throughout our corporate heritage.

The Strauss Group specialises in TV satelite travel bookings with broadcasters, radio and terrestrial operators, as well as net delivery and symbiosis. Administering your CMT competently, we offer a total solutions package that includes the reservation of all interview, rent and hire of studios, satellites uplinks, make-up and caterers, as well as all necessary technology and production to make your CMT as effective as possible.

Our specialties also include radio tour bookings with domestic newscasters, domestic Syndicate shows, nationwide, state, and country radio stations in each of the country's nearly 300 radio stores. The Strauss Medias also carry out radio and TV tour. In addition, we write, manufacture and deliver focused audiosystems news release to the nation's biggest radio stations with the best "guaranteed placement" in the business.

Strauss Media also provides: of Veterans Affairs; federations such as the US Conference of Mayors, National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF) and No Labels; large corporate functions such as the Clinton Global Initiative and the large motor shows; large corporations such as Uber, Facebook and General Motors; and we have worked on tens of public, state and national policy initiatives.

It is also proud to be on the GSA's formal schedule. If your advertising campaigns require TV and radio, Strauss Mediac Strategies will deliver the very best results in the business. You' ll appreciate working with our kind employees from our highly skilled PR team. Mauury Tobin, Pres.

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