Put Letter in Envelope

Place letter in envelope

Envelope Addressing Click on the parts of the envelope to learn more. Add the following three points: Participants read and follow the instructions to fold a letter correctly and put it in a personal envelope. For more information on inserting letters into envelopes, see Envelopes. You can use it to send small letters to classmates or loved ones with the note itself, or use it as an envelope.

This is the right way to put a business letter in an envelope.

As a rule, these commercial correspondence are more formal than e-mail notifications. In order to be able to fit into an envelope in a commercial size, it is necessary to adhere to the convention both in the letter size and in the way the letter is pleated. Lay the letter down flush on the desk, right side up. Lay the straight edge along one of the sides of the letter.

Aim the end of the guide at the top of the page. Gently folds the lower margin of the letter upwards until it reaches a point on the straight line that is one third the length of the letter from the upper margin. Unfold the upper side of the letter downwards until it touches the folding side made intep 1.

Straighten all corners of the letter and make sure they are perfect upright. Fold the sheet of papermaking material along both fold sides. Keep the lid on the envelope open with one of your hands. Holding the letter in your other hands, place the upper part of the letter on top of the letter.

Put the letter in the envelope. Put a bottom edge of the long end of the letter into the opening of the envelope, then the other side if the envelope is the one that has the opening on the longer side. Place a small end of the letter in the opening of the envelope when the opening is at the small end of the envelope.

Put a lid on the envelope. If the envelope is open at the end, it is simpler to introduce the letter if you keep the envelope slightly open by positioning the index fingers and thumbs on both sides of the envelope and moving the fingers and thumbs easily towards each other. As a result, the opening of the envelope is enlarged.

Treat the piece of papermaking paper with care, otherwise a cutting may come from the edge.

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