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THE MOST RECOMMENDED AD-CLICK AND PTC WEBSITES. Pay Click (PTC) ads are cheaper than any other advertising network. Ultrateclixx is a PTC site that earns you money every time you click and view ads. Is this a legitimate PTC site or just another scam? PTC means that you will be paid for clicking and displaying advertisements on the Paid to Click - PTC pages.

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The purchase credit is used for the purchase of advertising packages, you can top up your purchase credit at any time via CoinPayments or pay your main credit. Due to CoinPayments' payout policies, the CoinPayments deposit amount is a minimal of 0.0008000000 BTC (80,000 Satoshi), unfortunately we cannot lower this minimal, but you can use FaucetHub to make your withdrawal: minimal draw via FaucetHub is only 0.

Receive paid Bitcoins for Clicking Ads and Watchi is an ad space where members can click on ads to make Btc coins, or where affiliates can get low-cost access to Btc coin subscribers. A Premier Member receives several benefits over a Default Member. Premier members receive twice what regular members do. Premier members make 200% from their own ad hits and up to 150% from their ad hits.

Ideal for recommendation programmes on other sites! Expand your Premier subscription for 0.00154280 and match your revenue! There are several benefits for a Premier Member compared to a Regular Member. Premier members receive twice what regular members do. Premier members make 200% from their own advertising and up to 150% from their advertisingklicks.

Published on 25 May 2018, this paper is written on the basis of information available on-line and on the Newspaper. Never make an invest in an on-line programme with cash that you are not willing to loose. So please take good good care of your capital expenditure and be on the security website and prevent many on-line losses.

Makula Mihaly

Day incomes $ 5.00

Look at these....

Check out the 10 ads per month! Observe this page for 45 seconds. For each click you get $ 0.01 and you get -t -t -t -t $ 0.005 for each click. In case you are not yet a member, please click on the following link: Do you have a combined daily revenue of $5.00. Eternal members (not rented) can also be taken along!

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