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Clic or file ? New. From the Open dialog box, select a file, and then click Open. Click Upload in the PTC. KeyShot for PTC Creo plugin requirements are as follows: Double-click the plugin installer (.

exe) file after downloading.

The PTC - Rifat 636's platform for payment per click & payment per view

is PTC and PHP & mySQL based script for PPC (Pay Per Click) & PPV (Pay Per View). Administrator ("website owner") can post limitless hyperlinks and videos from the Administrator panels, and when the users click or watch them, they are remunerated. It is an on-line revenue platform for website owners and users. Our system is fully interactive, simple to use, user-friendly and 100% reactive.

? Simple social linking. Easy to contact ? ? User Dashboard. ? Download Click Per Click Dashboard. ? Download Dashboard. ? All Click & Views Histories. Functions of the Admin Panel: At ? you can administer the payment with a click. Managing your payment via your account ? ? Per Click Pricing. Discontinuation of limit management. ? Secure click system.

? Click Verification System. ? Click & View Tracking System. 100% fraud protection system ? Manage currency at ? Manage users. ? Progress setting. ALL Withdrawal story. ALL PTC results histories. Protection against fraudulent clicks. Users dashboard function. A user administration system (admin area). Lock user / unlock option (admin area).

Added acquired PTC Click system.

How to build a custom web page

Or click here to download ? New. The part, the standard filename part, is chosen. Press OK. Component name is displayed in the model tree. Select the Reference Point icon on the Reference Point bar or Insert > Model Reference Point > Sketch. A Sketch dialogue opens. The FRONT reference level was chosen in the example.

If you click on Drawing. Opening Sketcher. Then click the Scetcher bar. When you click a point in the drawing pane, move the mouse cursor to make a rectangle. L1 is displayed on two equally long line segments. Please click here to exit. Then click the Scetcher bar. Marked in the graphic pane in red, the drawing is displayed.

You can click on the Basic Functions icon bar or add ? Extrude. Extrude is displayed. Dragging the grip to the required height in the Graphic pane or entering the height in the text field of the dashboard. Please click on the Extrude dashboard. Dice will appear in the graphic pane.

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