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Number one PTC site monitor for pay-to-click networks. Search reviews and ratings to find PTC sites with the best revenue and payouts. Use PTC advertising on cointiply to earn money or make recommendations for another website. Boost your revenue by placing our offering wall on your GPT, PTC or Rewards website. Load employees without investment and without opportunity to short form ptc.

Monitoring of PTC locations

Winn up to $200 per hour in free Litcoins plus free Weekly Great Prize Draw. Make bit coins when you view websites and videos. Will you make bit coins? And we make it simple for you to make instant cash. The BTC4ADS is an advertising space where members can click on advertisements to make BTCs, or where advertiser can get inexpensive offers for BTCs.

Daily guaranteed adverts, you' ll make up to 800 Satoshi per click! Get free of charge in one second using Litcoin. You don't have to register, just type in your Betcoin email and you can view advertisements to make money!

The best advertising medium: our view of the entire screen structure

The best advertising medium: my "secret" method: For over 5 years I have been advertising cash earning web sites under the motto "Incognito007" now. Personally, I enjoy running A/B testing with new ways to advertise, build contents and interact with traffic management tools and other trading tools. Recently I blogged and revealed my secret: My best way to make advertising available on-line is to design custom banners and show them in a PTC advertising area.

Ever since, tens of millions of people have copied this way to get inexpensive advertising on-line. When you wonder how to run inexpensive advertising on-line, look no further: your answer is right here!

Will you use PTC pages to advertise?

ýI know a number of folks who use PTC sites as a former way to advertise, hell even some use them to make money on line ý I know I still use them. However, use it to promote and you have seen good results. The PTC site is a pays to click site, which means that someone uses these facilities to place an ad, and other members are remunerated with a small percent to click on your ad and display it for a number of given seconds.

Therefore, use this as a way to make a living OR advertise. However, the only disadvantage is that many members who click on your ad care so much about the adverts as they click on them to deserve them, and often don't watch out.

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