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Make money with PTC Clix, PTV, GPT, PTP, advertising. PTC's main concept is advertising. If you don't have any ads, the users won't participate! Hello guys, just wondering, I'm thinkign of launching an incentive based ptc site, however you know adsense doesn't allow ptc incentive based si. Surfin unlimited ads per day!

The PTC commercials: Tips on how to advertise on PTC websites in the right way. 5 Tips on how to advertise on PTC websites in the right way.

Will there be many folks out there who don't know the ptc commercial energy and whogreat results it can fetch? Many controversies surround this type of media, mainly because of the poor awareness of the web audience about this issue and the repression of this type of media by large advertisers.

Even marketing specialists mistakenly believe that ptc advertisers who click on the advertisement will do it only for the cash they receive from carrying out this promotion. Again, let's not lose sight of the fact that the folks who click on your ads are genuine folks who have needs and desires and will react to things they find interesting.

A Ptc advertisement is probably the least expensive way (and very effectively if done correctly) to promote a store and create awareness of your products or your service, especially in the online marketing/make money online niche. Like every single marketingkanal, there is advertisement that is done right and done bad. And every marketingkanal has its ups and downs in comparison to each other.

With 5 years of paying click marketers and users expertise, I am able to suggest 5 things you need to do - imperatively - before you launch an ad drive on a paying click site. Normally your page is displayed 5 - 15 seconds before the viewers when you advertise on PTC-sites.

In order to get the best results from your Ptc ads, you must use a split page. A further error that most advertiser make when advertising on PTC sites is that they do not contain a clear and simple call to trade. Occasionally, when I see ads, I realize that some ads appear in front of me in non-English language.

If ads in Arabian or Roman language appear in front of me, I do nothing. Now not all ptc sites allow targeted countries, so make sure you review the ad functions before buying ad points. The Clixsense - the PTC website I use to advertise things - has a countries aiming system when you buy 15 seconds, 30 seconds and 60 seconds of advert.

In order to test different varieties of your split pages to see which can be better converted, you should use a utility that allows you to hide many of your hyperlinks to a particular page. An inexpensive utility that makes the whole thing work perfectly is Trck. me trim. me is a tracker that keeps track of the hits your link receives and how many page views each page receives.

Allows you to have as many as possible of your hyperlinks converted into a unique one. Monitoring your ad spending is vital to help you get the most out of your ad spend. Following your hyperlinks will help you better comprehend how your pages are converted from inbound content to clickstream. A lot of web marketing specialists claim that the most important instrument for their on-line business results is track. I - the instrument I already said - am the least expensive tracking-tool with the most functions you can get on-line today.

This allows you to keep tracking limitless link and limitless visitor with only $9 per months. Try this free 30-day evaluation version. By following the advice I give in this review, I ensure that your results will be better if you advertise on payed sites.

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