Programmatic Process

Programming process

The process is repeated for each ad space on the page. Programmatic allows you to buy advertising space and place ads via an auction process. - How the standard programmatic tendering process works. The programmatic review process and priorities. Adaptation of arrayQuali-.

.. tyMetrics reports and programmatic processing of output.

The process of programmatic purchasing in digital advertising

Already last weekend I will give you an introductory talk about the Programmatic Shopping. Like I said in my earlier blogs, programmatic shopping is definitely one of the most important aspects of online marketing. So in this blogs you will then know the process of programmatic purchasing, long history in brief, how it works.

Sweet little movie about programmatics. All programmatic things will not work without this information about humans and their tastes. If so, the dedicated digitised advertisement will not be efficient or directed in the right way. Okay, now let's proceed with the programmatic buy. Certainly there are several ways to shop programmatically, but for this Blog I will be explaining in the easiest way possible, so that you can quite simply grasp it... Here we are!

Publishers of advertisements post the Ad Exchange stock on the Suply Side platform (SSD). Essentially, publishers are selling and managing their stocks, many of them. However, on the other side, marketers (mainly ad agencies) provide their ownemand supply platforms (DSPs). The DSP is a betting system where the seller enters his attribute or relation (criteria of his targeted group for the particular ad) to buy the stock.

Ad network, a business that links ad networkers to websites that want to host ads. Once publishers and publishers are done with what they need from each other, both parties can operate Ad Exchange. Ad-exchange is a market place where publishers can resell their content (usually using the imprinting process) and marketers can buy the content so that they can place their ads in the space that their audiences will see.

Okay, think of the purse, it's like that, but for the commercials. If the ad corresponds to the amount the advertisers want, the next stage is time bidding or RTB. Publishers as well as advertisers have a special algorithms to control the entire process. This is why advertisers need to be able to see who the audiences are for a particular marketing strategy.

In order to design the advertisement purposefully. That'?s all I wrote for this weekly blogs.

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