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Looking for programmatic media buyers jobs. Find the right job for Programmatic Media Buyer with company reviews and salaries. A media buyer or practitioner in the media industry is the person who works with publishers of various media titles. Promotional Marketing Technology Services, Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management et programmatische Medien. Consultate Digital Programmatic Media Buyer/Planner.

Acenture continues to expand into programmatic media purchasing.

By announcing its intention to invest in in-house, media and purchasing services, Accenture Interactive has taken a major leap into the area. Whilst the consulting has worked with customers to enable in-house programmatic advertising buying, the new offer, Accenture Interactive Programmatic Services, will encompass the design, purchase and manage of programmatic advertising campaign.

As Accenture Interactive said, it can now help create, deploy and occupy the company's proprietary merchandising desks, or execute comprehensive end-to-end customer media initiatives globally. There are three key services: Program consultancy and in-house, comprising the development of long-term programmatic strategic thinking, insourcing technologies, the reinvention of operational modelling and the provision of in-plant skills; media strategic thinking, scheduling and deployment, comprising the execution of clear and scalable pay media campaigning in the areas of searching, welfare, video, displays and ad tech deployment and assistance, to enable wider experience and provide infrastructural delivery as a servic.

Brian Whipple, CEO of Accenture Interactive, said customers have asked Accenture to help them achieve greater efficiency in their programmatic media editions, particularly those for electronic media. We' ve already concentrated on all parts related to media placements, so it was a logical expansion for us to help our customers convey more hyper-relevant consumer experience through our media," he said.

Research's Programmatic Inhousing: Scott Tieman, the world's leading programmatic service provider for Accenture Interactive, said marketers are responding to the evolving media environment by going beyond the state of the art and regaining media literacy controls. "that we can help our customers do things differently. The Accenture Interactive product range is very diverse in the markets and is based on a basis of confidence and openness.

We' re able to use Accenture's worldwide presence and skills to combine our strategies, creativity, information, technologies and analytical skills to achieve better results," he said. Last year, Accenture Interactive's revenues increased by 35 percent to $6.5 billion. As part of its strategic effort to increase its coverage within the marketer's firm, The Monkeys and Maud have last year made the twelfth Accenture Interactive purchase since 2013 to extend the coverage, breadth and breadth of their end-to-end client experiences worldwide.

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