Programmatic Display Marketing

Display marketing with program control

This is our approach to programmatic representation. The program-controlled display is one of the fastest growing and most exciting areas in the digital world. Streamlined programmatic media planning and purchasing with an added human touch. Would you like to start your career in an exciting part of the digital marketing industry? Find out what this automated solution can do for your marketing ROI.

This is our programmatic display advertising concept.

On the basis of first and third party information, we are segmenting according to target groups, i.e. we can place advertisements with the most accessible target group on the basis of their demography, behavior, location and interests. And we can do business directly with publisher and place advertisements through our selected platforms for synchronized optimization and coverage.

Your PPC, programmatic and Google Analytics expertise is unsurpassed. The use of a synchronized platforms allows us to be much more agile with your display budgeting and to optimize across an extensive asset base. Live application means we can use quantifiable results to maximize our ad spend flexibility on the basis of achievement.

Movie, rich multimedia, extensible and default display displays are all fully support. We' re not bragging, but we think our optimization method for real-timeidding is the best in the game. Customers' budget is valuable, so we consider it important not to use average information. That makes sure that we know the entire operation inside out in order to get the best possible results.

The OVO commissioned us to conduct an on-going marketing initiative that is designed to be proactive, responsive to changes in the markets and able to handle new product and service developments throughout the year. Through the creation of an end-to-end search and programmatic approach, we have boosted our monthly profits by 125% while at the same time cutting the overall cost of ownership by 12%.

Our focus is on insight and understanding how much a display can tell our customer about their audiences and consumers. Our reports are highly detailed and clear, allowing us to obtain information about all the sites on which advertisements are placed at any degree of detail. Live analytics are golden and we share them with our client as soon as we have them.

About Programmatic - What advertiser want to know

Programme driven advertisement is probably the most important promotional trends requiring a fundamental and industry-specific reform of all levels of the audiovisual sector. eMarketer estimates that 46 billion US dollar will be invested in marketing costs for the use of such technology in 2018 and that by 2020 more than 82 per cent of US display marketing expenditure will be made with programmatic technology.

Some of the largest marketing players, however, are already creating obscure ad hoc practice and serious issues need to be addressed. IAB, in its capacity as an educational institution, has tried to support recruiters with a programme of conferencing and consultancy work. Mr. Javier Pérez Moiño, Managing director, Europe and Latam, of Accenture Interactive's programmatic service department, said editors are focusing more on programmatic service because they want to better understanding the effect of their activities on actual results.

"Marketing specialists have been counting for years on their marketing agents to give them a story whether they could hear it or not, but now they are beginning to ask what kind of technologies they need to meet their businesses' goals," he said. Pérez Moiño is about the development of completely new skills such as computer sciences.

and that such self-observation would mean that marketers would rethink their relationship with advertising agents, also known as inhousing. Emphasizing that this will depend on the objectives of the particular marketer, he added that companies - and not just their marketing divisions - need to fully comprehend the impact of such a seam seam seamanship process, as well as how they recruit employees with the necessary capabilities.

Programmatic merchants and analysts - such as tender pattern analysis and the results of modelling information - are not easily taught, but those who work with the right partner can significantly enhance the delivery of their editions. Mr. Pérez Moiño also noted that transforming a relation between a news agent and an advertisers often means moving from a fee-based compensation scheme - where agents are remunerated as a percent of print spending - to a simpler services scheme.

Greater openness means that the dubious policies that marked the beginnings of the program are "less open than before," says Ari Paparo, CEO of Beeswax. Paparo, the sector vet, operates a DSP (Demand Side Platform) that allows sellers to adjust their bidding activities in advertising sales and said that brandside sellers want to know how much of their budget is spent by medium men.

Educated marketing specialists seek "algorithmic transparency" by beginning to go beyond the entrenched concern about the relationship between buy-side and sell-side gamers (especially ad-tech gamers offering both kinds of services) and the associated possible conflicts of interest.

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