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This is the ultimate guide to the digital advertising ecosystem. The Programmatic describes how online campaigns are booked, flown, analyzed and optimized using demand-oriented software (DSP) interfaces and algorithms. Programatic display advertising that is done right is one of the most cost-effective marketing channels. Explore the range of display services at Rise. Advertising programmatic VS Google Display Network.

Program controlled display & advertising 101

Affordable advertising programmatic suites provide an automatic way to deliver customized individual advertising within a specified budgetary framework. Bringing more out of your on-line merchandising budgets is an opportunity for advertisers. In the Minority Report, the personalised advertising message that welcomed Tom Cruise's personality while navigating the streets appeared like a future imaginary when the movie premiered in 2002.

Today, thanks to the programmatic presentation, we are used to having personalised advertising available to us on-line. Progress on the Web of Things (IoT), in combination with programmatic presentation, now means that personalised advertising will not be so far away in the personal realm. With our life moving more and more on-line, marketers have hurried to make up for it and make sure their message is where we are.

There is good documentation of the decrease in printed advertising - GroupM estimated that it now accounts for only 16% of in-app advertising revenue in the US; digitally it now accounts for more than 33%. For the first year in 2011, US online advertising revenue was higher than that of traditional TV and almost higher than that of broadcasting.

Google was at the top at the time: in 2012 it had 87% of the display Impressions audience. Over the past five years, Facebook, other community services and advanced cellular networking have been draining this market-leading role. Whilst Google still dominated SEO advertising, Facebook now dominated display advertising. eMarketeer estimated that Facebook accounted for 39% of total display advertising revenue - valued at $12.4 billion of the total $34.9 billion in 2016.

Dedicated display advertising comprises advertising using Facebook's news feed advertising and Twitter's advertised Twitter advertisements, as well as sponsoring, videos and realms. So, where does programmatic advertising suit this image? By 2016, programmatic advertising represented about 63% of total spending on display advertising. As Adweek has explained, programmatic advertising could make up 85% of target oriented advertising and 67% of streamed advertising by 2020.

Which is programmatic advertising? Programatic advertising is also known as programmatic advertising is a way to automate the purchase of electronic assets using real-time information and technologies. Prior to programmatic advertising, it was necessary to buy and sell advertisements from advertisers and sellers. Instead, programmatic advertising uses automatic procedures and meticulously developed automatic learners' paradigms to optimise advertising purchase and spend, making the advertising purchase procedure less expensive, more timely and avoiding errors.

Using population and behavioural information to make advertising more focused, programmatic advertising makes it simpler and less expensive for marketers to engage their audiences. Marketers can opt to buy ad imprints in advance from certain publishers' websites, or they can buy online advertising through real-time bidding (RTB) platform.

RBT enables marketers to offer each other advertising spaces on different web sites and on different types of community sites against each other on the basis of pricing, target group profile and coverage. All of this happens in a fraction of a second so that the consumers can receive the advertisements smoothly with the remainder of the pagetent.

With regard to the consumers' perception, programmatic advertising will differ only in that more pertinent advertisements will be placed. What is programmatic advertising? The digital advertising is directly distributed through the plattforms and community networking sites or through an advertising market. Advertising Marketplace is a technological plattform that acts as an effective intermediary and facilitates the purchase and sale of advertising across various advertising channels (such as Yahoo, Google, AOL, etc.).

For advertisers, the automatic purchase of advertising from these sites is administered by sophisticated management tools known as the DSP (Demand Side Platform) or SSP (Supply Side Platform). One DSP and one SSP perform substantially the same function; purchasers of advertising content can administer several advertising markets and file sharing services through one single gateway.

It is important when choosing a Digital Service Provider to consider the amount of on-line assets they have accessed, the insight and optimisation opportunities they can provide and the costs they can incur. A ATD is a massively owned and operated retailer who acts as an autonomous work force within a large programmatic sourcing group.

Buying medias via real-time bidder plattforms or using a demand-side plattform is not enough. In order to get the most out of programmatic advertising, marketers must take advantage of optimisation opportunities. In order to go beyond easy re-targeting through the use of cookie and web statistics, marketers must integrate different information resources such as in-house CRM, web server and e-mail data bases into a single system for data handling, analytics and action.

To fully optimise programmatic ad buying, marketers must use Demographic and behavioural information about their clients and prospective clients. In order to do this, a system for the administration of client and prospective client information is required that supports ad positioning and targeted advertising. As a rule, this is the function of a DMP (Data Protection Mechanism).

It is a centralised computer system for the collection, integration and management of large amounts of structural and unstructural information from different origins. Oracle's Adobe Systems Audience Manager and Core Audience (Marketing Cloud) - purchased from BlueKai, Sitecore Experience Platform, and X+1. Expanded client profiles made possible by the digital marketing process can then be used to communicate e-mail campaigns, web analysis, societal information as well as specific display advertisements.

We have three major ways to monitor and evaluate your display advertising. As with many other types of merchandising, display advertising can be judged by "the last click before you buy". For this reason, some publishers of consumer electronics displays choose the "View and Click" method, which provides a more comprehensive look at ad delivery while providing an immediate overview of the overall impact of an ad.

But it has a serious drawback as it can result in dual counts of exposure across a number of different channel types. While it can be timeconsuming to analyse and impact a marketing strategy using this methodology, it gives you a more granular view of what works and how your clients deal with your brands and display advertising.

This kind of efficient statistic analytics and optimisation should help your display advertising results constantly increase every day. Exempting advertisers from the need to purchase advertising spaces manually, program driven advertising gives advertisers enough free rein to focus on designing and building imaginative advertising initiatives using the new statistics and behavioural analyses available - further increasing the return on advertising outlay.

No wonder, with this kind of enhancement, businesses are already beginning to investigate the opportunities of sales of traditional medias using programmatic technologies. Minority Report's capabilities for TV commercials, posters, in-store and retailing really take us into the realm of Minority Report. Program-controlled allocation of advertising panels on a poster wall and external advertising panels on the basis of climatic factors or other regional features is a fact.

How long does it take for consumers who come by on the basis of profiles from cell phones or shop applications to see your advertising on the right side of the scary line? The programmatic purchase of advertisements makes it a genuine opportunity. Contact the expert today if you want to start a programmatic display drive.

With our programmatic programming tools and our advertising campaign, we can help you drive your strategies forward and help you reduce costs.

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