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The GroupM Programmatic Buying Unit (PBU). A supervisor for the Programmatic Buying Unit (PBU) in China is needed. It can be as simple as selling non-standard display units. In order to get even more out of programmatic branding purchasing, you should turn to more appealing advertising units such as rich media and video. Unilever's Programatic Desk, ULTRA, was founded in Singapore by Mindshare and Unilever to advance programmatic planning and procurement for ASEAN.

Acenture Interactive releases program-controlled ad sales unit

At Accenture Interactive, we have created a Programmatic Business Unit to help customers take complete charge of their information and the technologies they use to automate ad sales. This consultancy company will support its customers in the conception, development and staffing of internal trade desks. She will also provide fully serviced customer management in which she will conduct fully serviced worldwide campaigning for customers.

" Mr. Beyreuther added that they are currently active in the recruitment of professionals across the whole interactive group. Akkenture said the new entity was created in reaction to customer demands. "Our customers have asked us as their event management company to help them make their programmatic editions, especially our electronic editions, more efficient," said Brian Whipple, CEO of Acenture Interactive.

It will help marketers deliver programs in-house, including long range programmatic strategy development, insourcing technologies, redesign of operational paradigms and provision of in-plant skills. A new IAB survey recently reported, sponsored by Accenture Interactive, that 65 percent of program-driven businesses that buy multimedia have chosen to leverage all or part of these skills in-house.

Research titled "Programmatic Inhousing: Advantages, challenges and important steps to build internal capabilities," is how a recent poll of 119 U.S. marketers found it. Turns out that 18 percent of the participating purchasing programmatic marques had outsourced their purchasing programmatic activities entirely in-house and 47 percent of the respondents had outsourced selected purchasing programmatic activities internally.

Getting home, and both Lenovo and CommBank have said that the internal introduction of programmatics has led to lower cost and more visibility, but the small size of the Australia operation could reduce the power of Accenture's in-house programitches. As one of the major issues faced by businesses when trying to take ownership of their own programmatic effort, setting up such a desktop will require significant internal staff investments to address the broad spectrum of capabilities needed.

At this year's Programmatic Summit in Sydney, former Lenovo APAC VP of Global Media Development, Danielle Uskovic, said that much of the reason for this was the difficulty in justifying why the project was expensive, despite its clear advantages. If you understand how challenging it can be to justify expenses, a local coach might assume that Accenture Interactive will be trying to use a lure and change policy - to sell the virtue of programmatic in-house to brand names and then drive forward manage service when staff expenses reduce any ROI in the brief.

"Publishers are responding to the evolving digital environment and want to go beyond the current situation and regain full command of their digital literacy," said Scott Tieman, world leader in programming at Accenture Interactive.

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