Programmatic Buying 2016

Purchasing programme 2016

In 2015, programmatic advertising entered the mainstream, offering marketers a whole new way to reach their audiences online more effectively. According to eMarketer, it will account for 67 percent of all display purchases in 2016. Nearly 70% of advertisers agree that a major advantage of programmatic ad buying is lower ad prices. That figure represents a significant increase on the 54% in 2016. The programmatic personalization can turn a marketing standstill into a win-win situation.

Purchasing on the programme will take place at political level in 2016 | Digital

Policy advertising purchasers often followed the example of their colleagues in the industry and in some cases were even ahead of the consumers' marketing strategies. Now, policy campaigners and interest groups seem to be ready to buy advertisements via programmatic schemes to a much greater extent than in the last electoral cycle, in this case made possible by the wider adoption of these technologies in the general population.

"They feel more and more at ease when it comes to addressing the public rather than the context," said J.C. Medici, policy and lobbying manager at Rocket Fuel, a programmatic advertising agency that works with right and right -wing policy advice. "Quite Literally in the weeks following the mid-term, we began the sessions for the 2016 elections," Mr Medici added.

"And I believe that programmatic purchasing will grow ten-fold in comparison to 2014. "Programmatic sometimes relates to automatic, target audience-oriented advertisements purchased through real-time auction sites and stockmarkets. Zac Moffatt, co-founder of Target Victory, goes a little further: "Programmatically means knowledge plus automation," he said. In 2012, when Mr. Moffatt led Mitt Romney's online marketing effort, he said that the program had purchased advertisements valued at "tens of billions of dollars".

It is not simple to convince the old fashioned old fashioned policy makers to get more cash away from watching TV, but there is a burgeoning demand for targeted TV that uses electoral information and third-party information. "As Betsy Hoover, a co-founder of 270 Technologies Dematic digit outlook, said, "We anticipate seeing more of this in 2016 and are ready to make this part of the mediaplan we are driving.

"An elector who receives a call from a voluntary on the campaigns and receives post from the campaigns will also receive advertising about the campaigns. "In order to foster economic recovery, technology vendors are working to welcome more candidate and smaller stakeholder groups who cannot be at the stage of a Presidency or large Congress campagne.

Companies such as the policy-oriented advertising agencies Target Victory and CampaignGrid on the right, DSPolitical on the right and Rocket Fuel now provide programmatic advertising platform that did not exist in 2012. Even the minimal purchases of advertising space are decreasing. DSPolitical in 2014 lowered the amount that enabled DSPolitical campaigners to spent from $5,000 to $500 by the end of the electoral period, according to Jim Walsh, DSPolitical chief executive officer.

This could have a major impact on the mix of programmatic shoppers in the marketing year. Together with even more popular plattforms like Google's DoubleClick Bid Manager, these features are attracting more campaigners and supporters. Eric Frenchman, a long-time Republikan advertising advisor, said that despite their relatively simple nature, programmatic shopping sites are not just plug-and-play.

" In contrast to other marketers who use programmatic shopping plattforms, policymakers and groups are used to reserve stocks a few month before the crisis of the electoral calendar, especially in the peak seasons and towards the end of the general electoral year. Expecting dynamically programmatic advertising agencies to scoop up the stock to make it available to customers, either as reserved stock or as room available in real-time tendering scenarios.

" It is not a question of whether you purchased the medias in person, Mr Moffat added. "For me, programmatically means using your technologies to make your decisions in your mind in your own time," he said.

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