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By consolidating market-leading advertising technologies into a single programmatic advertising platform, Kedet offers you extended access to advertising. A platform for online advertising and Internet marketing. Industry-leading, most comprehensive and automated digital media platform that addresses your direct, programmatic, search and social concerns through a single interface. From DMPs to DSPs and everything in between. AdiTech & Programmatic Platform Development.

Which is the best programmatic platform?

Many programmatic plattforms I like to think of in relation to where in the hopper (top vs. bottom) they are most efficient. When you can look closely at each platform in this perspective, you can develop the right strategies, quantify the right measures, and use the right attribute models to succeed with most of them.

Like categorizing the platform as mostly top or bottom funnels, and generally I like to begin at the bottom hopper (higher intrinsic user intentions) and work my way up as I collect more publicity. Thus one goes slowly up the intentional hopper while refining one's algorithms public.

For the sake of clarity, different types of searches will almost always contain the most intentions, provided they are organized to use the right keys. In addition, Google has so much information that you can target and bid on it, that you can almost always find a lucrative market if you use the platform well.

As soon as the payed quest works, it makes good business to extend it. Normally, my next step is to focus on programmatic retargeting. What's more, I'll be expanding Use your analysis to track people who have been clicking on your payed listings. As a rule, these are very efficient campaign on a relatively low price base. Usually I go this way on Facebook, GDN and the natives plattforms (taboola, herausbrain, Gemini etc.).

It is a great way to gain a firm foothold there. Simply make sure that your message is bound to the products and hopper thickness so that it is truly efficient. The use of GA information to precisely segments campaign and correct platform pixel placement (GTM is a good place to prevent clutter) will really make this possible.

Next, I am expanding on these top hopper decks into a similar audience. As soon as you get enough converting information from your lower hopper and your re-targeting effort, you can get the more data-rich platform (GDN, Facebook, and Gemini) to populate target groups most similar to your most revenue-generating converter. After all, especially if you have multi-touch allocation to assist it, you can grow to real effort in the top hopper.

They can carry out awareness-raising actions - I have noticed that the long version of indigenous platform is really suitable for this effort - aimed at creating the conditions and making people more vulnerable to your targeted and remunerated searching actions. When you can do this work, you can go far beyond the boundaries of paying for searches, where you are limited to the amount of traffic those keys will receive.

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