Programmatic ad Buying Definition

Definition of the programmatic ad purchase

That is what is meant by eCPM in the programmatic sense: effective CPM. Will Programmatic Advertising Replace Advertisers? " I think programmatic advertising is the automation of media purchasing. "No one can define it, but everyone wants it. Definition of Media Buying?

The programmatic purchasing process

Often the concepts of real-time publicity, real-time bids and programmatic shopping are mixed up. Programatic purchasing is the generic name for any type of "systematic purchase" of web ad spaces. Even though this automation is in place, marketing professionals can still use the system to set additional goals. Realtime advertisement is the first part of this hierarchical structure and refers to an automatic system in which different ad elements interact with each other.

On the other side, real-time bids are a RTA sport. Here, too, the decisive difference between RTB and the other types is in the collaboration between buying and selling: RTB represents a classical foreclosure scenario in which several purchasers offer advertising in realtime.

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