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View more ideas about Banner Template, Web Banner Design and Web Banner. Sales Product Web Banner Template PSD #Design #Ads Download: http://. When you think about it, web surfers most likely do one of three things. Every website contained a banner advertisement. Either the ad was for a high volume product (a smartphone) or a low volume product (a news magazine).

Effects of banner ad variation, product types, website contexts and ad languages on user preferences.

High-volume product was more attractive if it was promoted with a banner ad and a photo. However, a product with low participation was slightly more attractive if it was promoted with a plain text ad. Items were more attractive with mother tongue (Spanish) advertisements compared to British advertisements. They were more attractive when they appeared on matching sites with similar topics to advertisements.

In Ecuador, bi-lingual pupils were presented with a website in English (either a web site with videos or an on-line website with newspapers). Every website had a banner ad. Either the ad was for a high volume product (a smartphone) or a low volume product (a newsmagazine). Types of ad (display ad with photo vs. text only, Google styled ad ), form of ad (horizontal vs. vertical ad ) and ad languages (English vs. Spanish) differed for each kind of website.

Irrespective of the ad format, the High-Involvement product was regarded as significantly more attractive than the Low-Involvement product. There was an interactive message that the high-volume product was seen as slightly more attractive when promoted with displays and not just text advertisements; the low-volume product was slightly more attractive when promoted with text-only advertisements.

However, both brands - especially the High Engagement brand - received higher scores when promoted in advertising in Spanish rather than in advertising in England. After all, the product was somewhat more attractive when promoted on "highly congruent" sites where the promoted product resembled the site's subject (e.g. a smart phone playing movies promoted on a videosite; a newsmagazine promoted on a newspapersite).

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B BA/BFA in graphics and web art. _GO ( web sites, applications, advertising media, booklets, printed advertisements, etc.)......... B BA/BFA in web as well as graphics art, interactivity or art. Project can involve wireframming, web sites, applications, advertising media, e-commerce, e-mails, etc..... Experienced in the maintenance and provision of current website layouts, promotions and banner advertisements, seasonally special contents and individual chat-launcher layouts for....

Website maintenance, creating and publishing classic and popular contents, creating newsletters, statistic user analyses, key figures, click-through analyses and more....

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