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GumGum's Director of Product Management will lead the vision, roadmap and development of GumGum's digital advertising platform. We are looking for an experienced ad technology product manager to help us grow and evolve our suite of advertising measurement and targeting products. Many professions require business acumen and the ability to understand how customers think. Our team is focused on ensuring that our customers are trained for all our products. Promotional and marketing managers plan programs to arouse interest in a product or service.

The GumGum Careers - Director of Product, Advertising and Marketing

GumGum's Director of Product Lifecycle Services will manage the GumGum corporate strategy, corporate strategy, corporate strategy, product strategy and product strategy. He or she is in charge of managing a five-person product teams across a number of businesses to make sure the roadsmap leads to greater customer value, competition and product differentiation. He or she is in charge of the product teams and is in charge of the product teams. Powerful relational and managerial abilities.

Knowledge of Scrum and/or other flexible software developments is an advantage.

Which you will do.

We are looking for an seasoned ad technology product executive to help us drive the growth and development of our advertising metering and targeted product portfolio. At Spotify, we invest heavily in our free monetisation features for the benefit of our customers, marketers and affiliates - this role will be critical to building a more efficient and performance-driven franchise.

You' as a Product Manager will help shape the futures of our advertising franchise by enhancing the way Spotify evaluates advertising impact and developing product to optimise your campaigns objectives. Definition and implementation of the product strategies and roadmaps. Evangelise the long-term strategic direction for the engineering team, the company and the wider organisation.

Work with a cross-functional group of product executives, engineering professionals, information professionals, and businesses to make sure we achieve the company's objectives. Work with our automated learners to optimise your campaigns objectives. Working with our ad studio teams to visualise your campaigns results and make suggestions for enhanced engagement.

More than 5 years product manager for an advertising or marine technology firm, a datamanagement environment or a large publishing house. They are experienced in the administration and development of advertising and promotional information services. They are experienced in working with automated training tools, computer aided design /data warehouse and large-scale clustering.

They have an enhanced technological knowledge of the ad-tech eco-system and large-scale dispersed schemes. Are you a dedicated and versatile person with the capacity to manage cross-functional teamwork, and deliver successfully and on time. Have a BA/BS qualification in a field of technology or similar hands-on training. It is our firm belief that the variety of experiences, prospects and backgrounds will result in a better working atmosphere for our staff and a better product for our customers and developers.

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