Processing Inquiry Envelopes

Handling of enquiry envelopes

Insert processing status and error codes . An SOAP message must NOT contain any processing instructions. Every letter or message contains specific instructions as to what you must do to answer the request. When your request needs to be reviewed by a service center, you will receive a tracking number. ( Request and Response ) with properly formatted SOAP envelopes.

Manual for domestic mail

P911 Einschreiben

SF911 sets out the standard for recorded services, which includes the question of which matters should be considered for this or not. In addition, it deals with charges, liabilities and procedure for the preparation of recorded deliveries. The system includes a system of acknowledgements to control the flow of postal services from the moment they are received until they are dispatched. Confirmation of acknowledgement of receipt is sent by recorded post and, if requested, an electronically generated check is made to determine whether an item has been served or whether an attempted serving has been made.

The post office keeps a bill of lading (with signature) for a certain amount of work. You can only register franked items with postal charges at first-class postal tariffs. Front side (address side) of the item must be at least 5 inch long and 3-1/2 inch high, regardless of thicknes.

Articles returning under the Goods Returns Policy (S923) can be recorded without paying prepaid shipping and handling charges. The application may be sent by postal letter to the following address: a. A retailer working in a postal centre, railway depot or local outlet (including all units run by the Contractor). Postmasters may request that an item of abnormally high value be presented only at the head offices or at certain railway yards and offices. b. A country forwarder on a country road.

Item and enough money for shipping and handling charges can be deposited in a country letterbox. Freight forwarder must forward any changes to the consignor or put them in an envelop and keep the envelop in the next journey of the freight forwarder. Liability for the item or the money will only be accepted once a voucher has been made out.

Senders must contact the country freight forwarder to register their postal services. For items treated as follows: a. Sent as a commercial response item or in a commercial response envelop. b. In a road mailbox or PO box. c. Sent to a PO to which they cannot be securely delivered. d. Inappropriate or insufficiently packaged to resist proper use ( see 3.

7 ). e. e. Bound or attached to one or more items, unless they are contained in the same cover or packaging. f. f. For dispatch in a cushioned cover; cover or maller made of spunbonded oil, such as Tyvek; plastics cover or maller; or cover or maller made of gloss lined papers.

Buying a recorded mailing allows the customer to buy a limited shipping option or a advice of credit. Supplementary benefits may be associated with certified letter post if the following conditions are fulfilled and the supplemental charges are paid: a. Cash on delivery b. Confirmation of shipment c. Confirmation of signature.

Personal health cover on certified letter does not alter the requirement for declaration of full value. Merchandise can only be sent by recorded delivery without insurances. Please note: A sender who does not know the cost of replacements should consult a trusted document owner or company to establish the cost of replacements before shipping the items.

In the case of songs that are part of a manifesto, only the registration charge must be stated in the legal notice of the approval. You can also pay the charge and the shipping costs at the postal services of the authorised authorities with punitive postmarks, punitive counter postmarks or punishment stamp. Charges and shipping costs for goods returned via registration are payable via a shipping charge according to postal code 923.

Consignors must produce a certified letter stating that they have paid these benefits. Formal post from authorised authorities, if it has been designed in accordance with the current E060 standard for the delivery of postal items without advance postal charges, may be sent by recorded delivery without advance application surcharge. Goods that have been returned using the returns delivery system according to standard sending instructions (S923) can be sent by recorded delivery without paying prepaid shipping and handling charges.

With the exception of goods that are recorded when the goods are returned, no compensation will be provided for any goods that are recorded without advance payment of shipping and handling charges. Mails must contain the full name and address of the originator and recipient. All envelopes or packaging that appear to have been opened and reclosed or otherwise incorrectly groomed cannot be recorded.

Entries must be accompanied by a Barcode 200 in colour (see Appendix 3.4). Labels must be affixed above the shipping adress and to the right of the returns adress or to the leftside of the shipping adress for packages. Large mailers can receive the 200 in 600 piece reels.

When authorised, a mailing company may use a 200 private label for inland mailing only. At least three pre-series copies must be presented to the BusinessMail Entry Engineer who serves the letter site for verification by the emailpiece development team. After approval, the shipper shall be required to provide specimen bar code label printing which shall be certificated in accordance with the specifications set out in Publication 109.

Mailers must close the envelopes safely. Do not place stripes of pulp or Paper or cellulose material or sealant on the intersection points of tabs of capital-size envelopes on which the stampings are made. Big envelopes (flat envelopes) which are fully closed and also have stripes of papers or tapes at the flap interfaces can be regarded as packaging for closure purposes.

When used on recorded delivery, the adhesive must clearly scratch the cover or packaging after removal and incorporate the paint into a stamp imprint. Windows envelopes must have a translucent sheet that covers the opening to be approved for registration. When the plate is bonded to the hull, the hull can only contain material with no inner value.

Insofar as the cover is part of the cover, the cover may be used for all certified correspondence. Where three or more items are offered for shipment at the same despatch date, the shipper may use Form 3877 (Company Gazette) or private company Gazettes. Senders can leave out form 3877 fields that are not relevant for recorded delivery.

Mailers submit the form in two copies and receive a copy as a direct marketing copy after the information has been checked by the person receiving the item. Changes must be initialized by the maller and the approving co-worker. Consignors may revoke or revoke the recorded delivery letter free of cost prior to service by placing a "Withdrawn before Shipment" note on it and sign and return the note; or by submitting a letter requesting that the item be returned after shipment to the mailroom where it was shipped, stating the name and address of the consignor and consignee, the registration number and the date of shipment.

When the item is redirected, it must be under new coverage and must pay new shipping and handling charges. Deliveries of recorded deliveries are effected with reservation in respect of document no. 042. Should it not be certain that the forwarder will deliver the goods, the postal foreman may demand that the consignee retrieve the postal items sent by the forwarder. When the recipient receives a recorded item in poor conditions (i.e. an item that has been fixed with a stamp or resealed in a new package or envelope), the recipient must open it in the absence of the supplier without interfering with the stamp.

When something is lacking, the envelop or packaging must be handed over to the staff member after he has been confirmed to show what is lacking. Entitlement procedure in S010 applies if post office policy has been taken out. Proceedings in this section are only applicable to unsecured items. The sender is the only one who can make a request for undelivered certified delivery.

In the case of registration without mail order security with goods returned, only the licence owner can submit a request. Mailers may only make a request 15 workingdays after the date of dispatch of the item. A request may be submitted to any mailroom, railway classification centre or retail classification centre, with the exception of a request on matters recorded at the time the goods are returned which must be submitted by the licence-holder to the mail in which the licence is issued.

To process a request for unsecured certified correspondence, use the 1000 application sheet. A request may be submitted in the following manner: a. Any emailer who makes a request for the purported lost of recorded delivery must furnish evidence that a lost has been incurred before any postal service can receive the request. b. Evidence may be furnished in this manner:

1. The consignor may obtain the Form 1000 at any postal service. Mailers must fill out the mail order forms and submit them to the recipient. Recipients must fill in points 13 and 17 to 19 on the 1000 paper and fax them back to the maller. When the consignee has signed the complaint sheet and indicates that the product has not been delivered 15 workingdays or longer after the date of dispatch, the consignor may forward the complaint sheet with the document to a postal service and make a request.

If the consignor has the consignee's documentary evidence in writing and signature (e.g. a note dating at least 15 calendar days after the date of dispatch) showing that the consignee has not received the item, the consignor may take it to a mail centre with the initial postal advice of posting and make a request.

If the sender is unable to obtain the assistance of the recipient in the signature of Forms 1000 for a registration item or, if he so wishes, can submit a cheque or payment order for the post-shipment advice of deposit charge in R900.23. Please write 0 to the postal adress and ask for a copy of the packing slip if 15 working days or more have elapsed since the date of dispatch.

Such a requirement for a report of service must include the date of dispatch of the item, the registration number and the full name and address of the sender and recipient. c. A goods returns authorization owner must ask the recipient to fill in points 1 through 12 and 14 through 16 of the 1000 authorization sheet and send it back to the authorization owner along with the initial postal document.

Holders of a licence must fill in points 13 and 17 to 19 and send the filled out application together with the source document to the postal service where the licence is kept. A request can be made no earlier than 15 workingdays after the shipping date. Double requests may not be submitted earlier than 30 workingdays after the date of the initial request.

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