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Balances carried forward - 0% initial annual interest rate for the first fifteen accounting periods after each balances carried forward, posted to your bank within 45 workingdays of the account being opened. Thereafter (and for balances not transferred within 45 workingdays of the opening of the account) a Floating Annual Interest Rate, 16. Annual 0% initial interest rate for the first fifteen accounting periods after each bank debit or credit transaction posted to your bank within 45 workingdays of account opening.

Thereafter (and for balances not transferred within 45 workingdays of the account being opened), an annual floating rate of interest shall be payable, 16. If, at the inception of your request, you do not satisfy the loan requirements previously set for this offering, or if your reported earnings are inadequate due to your commitments, we may not be able to open an open bankroll for you.

Please refer to the General Conditions for information on tariffs, charges, other charges, the rewards programme regulations and the advantages associated with using the Visa Rewards Programme. Annuity fee: $0. 0% initial annual interest rate on balances transferred within 45 business days following the opening of the Bank Wire shall apply to the first 15 accounting periods immediately following each funds transaction.

APR preliminary quote does not cover purchase and revolving credits. The annual floating rate for acquisitions and new and residual amounts after the introduction phase is 16. Ninety-nine percent depends on our verification of your request and your standing when you open your bankroll. Annual interest rate for revolving loans is 27.24%.

Actual annual targets on your trading portfolio differ and are likely to differ depending on the prime rate underlying your trading activity. Please refer to the "About the annual floating rate on your account" section of the General Conditions for more information. Credit Transfers Fee: 3% (minimum $5). Further information on the conditions of this quotation can be found under General Conditions.

For important information about the above mentioned programme advantages and functions and the General Conditions, please read the Summary page for full information about the reward advantages (e.g. how points or mileage is accrued ), interest rate and bank charges as well as the conditions for this special promotion before signing up. 5,000 points will be given at the end of the first settlement in which you make your first buy or your bank draft.

Credit transfers are governed by the credit transaction charge specified in the General Conditions. Card Members will receive "Points" in the following amount depending on the type of purchasing transaction debited to their account: a) For every five (5) dollars spend on all qualifying sales, earned five (5) points.

Acceptable shopping options include: cruise (defined by dealer class code), Name Your Own Price®, Express Deal and Express Deal and Buy Now as well as Trip Protection product shopping at â??A pays now reservation is any reservation that must be paid at the moment of reservation and is the trader of the reservation.

More information about Name Your Own Prices and Express Deals and Trip Protection can be found at b) For every U.S. Dollar you spend on all other acquisitions, earned one (1) point. Following operations are barred from "purchases" and make money only if they are specified: interest, financing costs, credit transfer, convenient cheques, credit and other payments.

Further information can be found in the General Conditions. Your points can be redeemed for a bank account balance on all purchases on your bank account that are $25 or more and have been made within the last 120 trading day. For example, to cash in for a $100 account balance, you must spend your points on a $100 or higher buy.

Pricelist Rewards Visa Card is provided by Barclays Bank Delaware (Barclays) under a licence from Visa USA Incorporated.

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