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Affiliate Program Price List Commissions

Priceline's website is here to help you find the right way to travel. Here are a few reasons why we like Travel Affiliate Programs: Every affiliate program offers its own offerings. Affiliate Program Affiliate Program takes your audiences to Priceline.

com, one of the most sought-after destination websites for making reservations and savings on fares, hotel rates, rental cars, cruise holidays and all-inclusive itineraries. The program is ideal for price-conscious customers who want to make savings when scheduling their holidays. Affiliate Program Benefits: is one of the most convenient places to travel on-line, offering great value for single and group holiday cottages. So the tempting link and banner you can reach through the affiliate program can give your site the kick it needs to really fly.

As well as being able to name their own prize and saving, many of your customers are probably used to Priceline because of their favorite promotional campaign. provides a recommendation program that is eligible for commission.

STAMFORD, Conn. -- said other websites can now join to its site and acquire commissions when referring buyers who make qualifying bids for airline tickets by Priceline name - your-property-pricing system. "It' another way to bring clients to the site," said a spokesperson. says that businesses joining the new affiliate ecosystem can make $1 per qualifying listing for the first 50 qualifying listings per months and $2 per qualifying listing thereafter.

There' a $10 signup credit for the first qualifying bid. said the thresholds for an eligible offering are $175 for a home flight pass, $400 for an intercontinental flight pass and $50 for a overnight motel pass.'s spokesperson said that the corporation met between 35% and 73% of qualifying or "reasonable" quotes for airline ticketing, according to routes.

Its affiliate program generates the types of wires that are most likely to be made into sells, he said. is linked with an identifier that identifies each offering from a client referenced from a specific Web site. The commission is disbursed every three months.

No information was available as to how many websites have become subsidiaries and whether any of them are run by tour operators. This affiliate program is open to everyone, said the spokesperson.

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