Prestashop Affiliate Program

The Prestashop Affiliate Program

Anticipations; requirements; installation and configuration of our Prestashop module; testing the installation of your new recommendation program; scenario: Build your own affiliate program!

Using affiliate links and coupon codes that can be used in social media, this system enables the implementation of viral marketing and growth hacking policies that can enhance your company efficiently. Administer your own affiliate marketing program with unlimited members and automated signups, fully incorporated into your store and totally free.

This offers all the necessary track ings and managerial functions you need to run a fully-fledged affiliate marketing program for your company. This system provides an easy-to-manage service that uses a recommendation ratio for orders to generate commission for your partners.

There is also the possibility to pay commission for client registrations. As an example, you can give an affiliate 10% on each order and give them a different amount for the initial referral of the client.

Or, you can give them a one-off fee for arranging a client if you only want to earn fees for it.

Partners will use affiliate links, banners and discount or coupon codes to advertise your product. They can be used in social media and will help your company to expand, boost revenue and win many new clients. Include " Associates Program" together: Boost your turnover within a few short working hours by 20% to 50%, thank you.....

Clients can register as an affiliate and make cash while helping to boost revenue. You may use your affiliate link, discount / coupon codes and the banners you post on your website, email or community service messages to advertise your product and receive commission on the purchases or clients you have referred.

Affiliate ID is carried by the common affiliate links, as if the affiliate had used the simple affiliate links or a simple advertising sign to recommend to the client. Consumers can take advantage of discount/voucher codes to receive rebates, and partners can help boost the store by posting their allocated voucher codes. Partners can also publish their voucher codes in community forums, on their Web sites, via e-mail, or even for printing.

In case a client uses a coupon code that refers to a partner, the client receives a rebate and the partner receives a fee on the client's order. Utilize an affiliate merchandising plattform that is effective and allows you to deploy viral merchandising and growth hacking technologies.

Receive 3 month automatic maintenance for this software.

The Zen is available at a discounted price when you buy this item, but if you miss it, you can buy it later from your client as well.

Its validity expires one year after the date of your order.

As soon as the plug-in is in place, a new affiliate pull-down will appear in the Dashboard window. Once you have completed the initial setup, follow the steps below to setup the module:

  • When you want new partners to be permitted to be registered on the Web site, select the Allow partners to be registered box. However, if you only want to enter the affiliate program in Backoffice by hand, this setting does not need to be checked if clients are permitted to join the affiliate program when they log in for a new client area.

Associates will also find a hyperlink to the affiliate section on the My Account page.

Enter the provision record under Standard record, for example, enter the value 0. 25 if you want to pay 25% provision.

Under Pricing Policy > Shopping Cart Policy, set up a shopping cart rule to be used as a model for affiliate coupons. The associated rebate is provided by unique coupon code that partners use to advertise your product. Visit the Affiliates > Gift Certificates page and activate auto gift certificate creation, choose the shopping cart rule to use as a model.

There you can also generate coupons for your partners.

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