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Top-of-the-line web hosting with SSD storage, LiteSpeed web server, extended cPanel and redundant servers. Unlimited premium web hosting with cPanel. Receive best website hosting for cheap and register free domain names. Webhosting Business, VPS and Domain Hosting. The most popular - and also the cheapest - web hosting concept is shared hosting.

Premier Web Hosting

They can check the cookie used by our sites and disable certain kinds of cookie by selecting "View Details". Required cookie helps to make a website useful by providing essential features such as page browsing and accessing safe areas of the website. Without these cookie the website cannot work correctly. Favourite cookie allows a Web site to store information that changes the behavior or appearance of the Web site, such as your favourite languages or the area you are in.

Statistical cookie helps website owner comprehend how users interacted with web pages by gathering and submitting information in an anonymous manner. Marketer cookie are used to keep tracking traffic to Web sites.

According to the Act, we may save a cookie on your computer if it is absolutely necessary for the functioning of this website. We require your consent for all other kinds of cookie. Certain cookie settings are made by third parties that appear on our pages.

You can find out more about who we are, how you can get in touch with us and how we handle your information in our privacy policy.

Automated setup and optimization for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal pages. Clients hosting more than one site under a common user interface can even find that their own websites are operated by different hosts to deliver the quickest service - all with complete visibility and seamlessness.

Provides superior coverage without an expensive, dedicate schedule. All locations can thus be secured via HTTPS. As well as the safety benefit, activating HTTPS for websites can also offer search engine optimization (SEO) benefit.

In addition, clients can always perform on-demand viruses and threats scanning against their locations with a single click in cPanel. In the event that a particular computer fails, the locations are migrated back to a back-up stand-by computer and are back on-line within a few seconds.

If infrequently, locations may suffer more than 0.1% lost production in a particular period, a corresponding bank debit will be made out.

For WordPress, automated WordPress applications are available. This is the first version of the WordPress 1 that is fully compliant with the latest WordPress, Joomla and Drupal releases. Provides the locations with the quickest service and best safety. The Joomla Utilities cPanel plug-in makes it simple to migrate, set up stage and develop locations, and further backup Joomla.

The WP-CLI commandline program is provided for WordPress and the Drush commandline program is pre-installed for Drupal. Is it possible for my websites to have seperate cPanel-Logs?

A lot of customers use our schedules in connection with a repository servic. Is WP-CLI for WordPress and Drush for Drupal in use? In addition, our schedules all offer an automated servers failover, so you' re never at the mercy of an individual servers.

Yes, all websites and other information such as e-mail are backed up and saved by the servers every single day. Yes, we can move the first 10 locations for free.

Planning several locations: Datatransfer: Hosting domain: Safety of the sites: Computer centers:

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