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No matter whether you're an agency or running your PPC/organic campaign at home on a small budget, iSpionage gives your company the tools to increase your ROI. The PPC stands for Pay-per-Click - it is one of the many profitable models of Internet marketing. PPC espionage tools show search, display, social and landing page intelligence. The current list is limited to PPC advertising instruments. Find out how you can optimize your pay-per-click search engine marketing campaigns by using these free tools.

PPC 10 tools to help you hijack the best advertisements from your competitors.

Free PPC tools are available that browse the web 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, storing information about various Web sites and portable applications -- how they ranking, what they' re offering on what keyswords, how much it all cost, and if it works at all. Here are 10 tools that can help you. You are offering a free evaluation version, a debit is not necessary.

The PPC utility works similar to the AdWords ad planner, but with an additional tier of ad hoc YouTube and Amazon ad hoc keywords. Besides the PPC core research and PPC forecasting functions, the software also captures competitor information and helps you identify loopholes and chances for your campaign.

Base Bronze is $27 per monthly and goes up to $99 for Golden, which gives you more searching information and greater geographical outreach. It is possible to register for a free test version without using a major payment method. Note that the utility does not allow export of CVS during the test phase.

The Search Engine searches the web to track your advertisements across multiple places and on different machines. There are two main types of service they offer: trademark and competition law. Trademark protections allow you to track trademark offerings, provide contents, set land pages, FTC (Federal Trade Commission) regulatory requirements and OTA (Online Travelling Agencies) prices. You can use Competition insights to collect information about your brands via e.g. brandsidding, PPC benchmarking, PLA benchmarking, as well as via your own products.

Trademarks and agents can use the tools to identify trademark infringement, trace partners, or check pricing for the same product or service across multiple vendors. It is particularly useful for hoteliers who can keep an eye on dressing costs and quotes. Using geomonitoring across the main keywords, Monitor works for global branded companies.

The SearchMonitor does not provide a free evaluation version, and you will need to get in touch with your distributor to order a demonstration. Price plan start at $599 a month. $599 a year. The PPC tools help you analyse your competitors' website audiences, demand and market mixing. Allows you to keep abreast of your competitor's most important revenue streams (e.g. how much of that comes from your own vs. your own payed search) and recommendation pages.

It lets you build user-defined catagories and evaluate your competition more holistically than other applications that only provide view by individual URI. There is a free evaluation version, no need for a major payment via post. Everybody I know who does SEM has it. Using Seminush, you can check your competitor's most powerful catchwords, organize by keyword size, and see who links to your competitor's contents.

Featuring Site Audits, user-defined reporting, Contents Analyser and more, the utility has so many functions that it can be a little much like a learn-by-do, to find out all the functions it has to provide. The price plan starts at $99. It allows you to look for each domainname and see what your competitors' catchwords are purchasing, what their ranking is organically, and what variations of advertising have taken place over the last 11 years.

AdWords Advisor" function advises even the most profitably keyword on the basis of your competitors' information. They can also search through their competitors' AdWords campaign and view the results of their splitting testing. Price plan starts at $39 per monthly and ranges up to $299 per monthly for accessing APIs and multiuser account.

"The use of Campaign Watch is as if your top rivals were the first to tell you their strategies every morning," says the copy of the Campaign Watch copy. You can use this utility to keep an eye on competitors' exposure in terms of searching, moving your site, new advertisements and target pages. Monitors everything from seasonality, klicks, positions and number of keyswords to your current audience size - on your desk or cell phone.

Prices are individual (and concealed under the demonstration inquiry form). At Ahrefs we analyze the searching power and the experiences of your competitors' landings pages. They can use the utility to see how their competitors rank for certain catchwords, which websites bring them the most visitors, and how many links each of these sites has.

With Ahref' ranking tracker you can follow your ranking of keywords anywhere on your desk and on your cell phone. The Ahrefs 7-day evaluation edition is available for $7, starting at $99 for a "Lite" edition and ranging up to $999 for large agencies. Using this utility, you can see the most powerful creative people in your store and your alcove, follow top adverts and simply segmented big brand and affiliated campaign.

You can also see the top adverts of your competition, your revenue streams, your land pages, your advertising network and more. Price schedules begin at $299/month for base functions and are individually tailored to the company. Buzzsumo's Competition intelligence tools allow you to access a competitor's domains and look for the most frequently used contents. Allows you to create alert messages for your competition and your own brands and get updated every day right in your mailbox.

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