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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the process of attracting website traffic by buying ads in search engines. "The term Search Engine Marketing" was once used as a generic term to cover both SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and paid search activities. At PPC, everything revolves around relevance. The users search for certain products, services and information at any time. The PPC is the most common form of paid search there is.

IT' SEM. PPC. Payed search. What is the difference?

So why do humans use more than one word to describe the same thing? What do they really mean when they talk about it? This is the idea of payment for advertisements in the shape of a click and not an impression, view or conversion. Essentially, PPC is a very easy word to describe the notion.

Marketers are paying for every click by submitting offers to Google AdWords or Bing Ad's (or Yahoo Ad's, if you feel particularly insurgent and innovative) in search engine submissions when they place advertisements, so this is quite scarce and sober. The separation of SEM as a collective name for PPC and AEO would be surprising as we would no longer have three words that humans use to describe exactly the same thing.

It seems to be the way of least opposition, as the search for PPC leadership outweighs the search for SEM leadership, but the fact of the matter still persists that humans are still throwing both concepts around. Let's just do it PPC, guys. Use of search engine with payed advertisement instead of offering organically. It is less talked about because it has the feeling that it is more an industrial word than what those who need AdWords / Bing Ads are looking for.

Unfortunately, it would be all too easy to have only two words that we use for the search - Organic Search and Paid Search. According to a recent survey by SpyFu (a third-party search engine for keywords), the US search rate for these words is on par with the following figure: Could we just let the search come to a decision and let the whole thing go?

The use of more than one term for the same term does a lot: makes the proces more complicated/harder for the layman to comprehend, makes contents (distribution and education) less centralised and therefore more difficult to find, since contents usually use only one of these key words. When you search for ressources on SEM, you will find these parts, but there might be exactly the bit of contents you need out there with PPC as the masterword.

Standardising our definitions of what exactly we do when we use Google AdWords and Bing Ads will make this a much less bewildering area and make the topic of our contents more focussed rather than having agents like ourselves develop contents for each and every one of our keywords (ppc, semi, pay search, etc.).

There is a tendency for digital advertisers to be at the front line of developing digital signage because we want to ranking by those terms that are important to our business, and if we get a consistent understanding of what should be termed search engine advertisements, everyone will profit.

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