Posting Ads on Fb for Money

Publish ads on Fb for money

Such a waste of money! One, you could probably have done better. Perhaps you are looking for a way to supplement your current income. Just a few years ago, Gryn was just another user posting on Stack That Money. In this episode, we talk to you.

Use Facebook Page Post Ads to find out why

Facebook ads are not on my pocket! Pshhhh... If you think so, you probably don't have enough supporters to pay a bill of more than a few bucks in one sunday. Once I tried Facebook ads. $50 paid out and only got five new supporters. This is a big wastage!

Secondly, I'm speaking of addressing your present supporters. The use of Facebook Page Mail Ads as part of your overall advertising campaign is effective, accessible, low-risk and can offer a significant rewards. Page Mail Ads What are Page Mail Ads? The Page Mail Ads allow you to advertise a contribution you have made on your Facebook page.

This could be a health check, a released web page address, a web page share, a web page share, a web page share, a web page share, a web page share, a video, photos, an event, or anything else you have recently shared. Advertise a particular page contribution or make an ad from the latest page contribution you have posted - so your ad changes all the time as you refresh your page.

While you can direct Page Mail Ads at non-Fans, I will concentrate on using Page Mail Ads to reach only your actual Facebook friends. Like you probably already know, only about 16% of your supporters will see a certain contribution you make on your site. Much of it is the timing: only half of your supporters are on Facebook on a particular date, and even if they are on the site, they may not be in the windows that would allow them to see your contribution.

EdgeRank is a second part of this: especially when it comes to top news (the stories Facebook considers important to you), your stories may not be at the top of the list. View page contribution. If you use page mail ads, timings have a much smaller influence on your results. Whenever your supporters are on-line, they will display your contribution in the shape of an ad.

If you use Page Post Ads, EdgeRank cannot stop your supporters from seeing your post. And the more supporters see your ads in conjunction with your contributions, the higher your EgeRank will be. If you place an ad on Facebook - including a Page Post Ad - aimed at non-Fans, there is a hurdle.

However, if you turn to actual supporters, the obstacle is not there. Recent supporters are much more likely to click on a hyperlink, picture or movie in your ad. They have to pay very little money to create the required action. If you place a default Facebook ad aimed at 100,000 or 1,000,000 individuals, it's very simple to quickly go through any given household budget.

With Facebook, you won't have a single trouble going through your ad and operating the checkout. However, if you place page post ads that only appeal to your actual supporters, your audiences will be reduced. Facebook's classic page, which has less than 3,000 supporters (most are far less than that), will have a tough job getting to many different faces on a particular date.

When you have 500 supporters, only 250 of them will be on-line in one single sunday. Assuming you offer $. 25 per CPM, it costs a max of $. 25 to meet these 250 supporters four each time. Do you see how difficult it is to make a big bill when you appeal to your people?

I' ve run a number of Page Mail ads in the last three nights. All of them had a $10 life expectancy limitation that expires on the actual date. And one of the ads I posted advertised a piece I made about my own time line: Facebook's story in less than 90 seconds.

Had I used the CPC methodology, Facebook suggests that I offer $1.22 per click. The only thing I wanted was the certainty that the supporters of my site would see this one. On Facebook I had said that my possible audiences were about 2,200 persons (which seems strange since I have almost 3,000 fans). Can I tell you that the most frustrating use of Page Post Ads was to advertise the Most Recent Eligible Post.

" It usually took Facebook about a full tag to authorize an ad, and such an ad must be authorized each and every times a new page contribution is made () (the ad is not always authorized). While Most Recent Eligible Mail may sound like a great concept, there's little point in using it if you are posting every single night.

My primary goal was to preserve my view and parts of my new videos, but also to easily create more activities (increase EdgeRank). I' ve used Facebook Page Post Ads before, but concentrating on them over the last few weeks has given me a new outlook. You are encouraged to try this instead of concentrating exclusively on using Facebook ads to boost your number.

Did you use Facebook Page Post Ads to reach your supporters?

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