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Are you interested in a career opportunity at U.S. Postal Service? * PCI is looking for a detail-oriented person to help. Complete an online application for USPS jobs.

You can print the United States Postal Service (PDF) application or search for jobs. Are you unwilling to apply for a job, but still interested in opportunities?

Applying for USPS Jobs: 10 Step (with pictures)

There are over 326,643 opinions in this paper, and 83% of those who read it found it helpful. There were also 11 credentials from the readership, which gave it our readership recognition rating. United States Postal Service (USPS) is the second biggest provider of employment in the United States and offers its associates a wide range of careers, among them desk positions such as financial, administrative and commercial, as well as postal and operational personnel who process and serve it.

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Please call the telephone exchange at 1300 488 064 if you wish to talk to someone in the group. In order to obtain PES feed-back, you should call your employment service or the PES national customer service on 1800 805 260 (free call from landline). To find out more about the department's programmes or to submit a job opening, please call the employer hotline at 13 17 15.

If you have any questions regarding the Fair Entitlements Guarantee (FEG), please contact the FEG Hotline at 1300 135 040 (9.00 am to 5.00 pm Canberra hours without domestic and ACT holidays). Should you have difficulties talking or interpreting English, please contact the Translation and Interpreting Service (TIS National) at 131 450 for the costs of a call to your area.

Please ask TIS National to call the division at the above number.

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Are you interested in working for the United States Postal Service (USPS)? There are many different USPS roles and career opportunities from postal sortation and delivery to business roles. Indeed, the Post is the third biggest civil employment force in the United States after the German and Wal-Mart governments, employing about 617,000 people.

The USPS job market information, careers and examination information is available in the USPS Careers section of the USPS website. You can search by search term, site and application (e.g. supply, sale, retail, etc.). In order to submit an application for USPS job, you must post an eCareer on-line job application on the website. You need a current e-mail account to be able to create your own personal account and submit job applications.

Swiss Post provides a wide range of opportunities for your future work. The USPS also has many opportunities for advancement in areas such as bookkeeping, economics, finances, HR, law and communications. Management Foundation Programme is a remunerated 18-month traineeship programme for alumni and young professionals to gather work experiences in a wide range of roles.

Trainees acquire USPS skills through hands-on one-on-one coaching with the company's top leaders and move through different divisions. After successful conclusion of the programme, trainees will be given positions. Swiss Post also has a 10-week summer internship for students of all ages. As part of this programme, trainees work on a specific USPS-related projects.

USPS is also working to offer careers to army vets, reserve soldiers and their relatives. The number of USPS sites across the country makes it an appealing place to work for large armies who often need to move around often to remain together. In addition to the Management Foundations Program and the Summer Intern Program, the USPS has many other possibilities for staff to further their professional development.

There are a wide range of in-house coaching opportunities, among them a new supervisor programme to help new monitors learn how to manage. Your leaders programs are focused on different facets and tiers of leader empowerment for people who have proven managerial, business transition and managerial potentials.

USPS approval criteria for applicants for a job cover a young person's legal majority, a high academic degree, nationality or long-term residence permit, recent job histories, crime screenings, and health and drugs screenings. Where appropriate, applicants must also be enrolled in the selective service. Here is a complete listing of the applicants' United States Postal Service qualifications for all positions:

Wages are highly competetive with many workplaces in the consumer goods industry, and when paired with available services, the USPS is an appealing place to work. Provide a wide range of services, among them dentistry, visual, health as well as personal lines insurances, flexibility of expense account, long-term nursing insurances, pension schemes, ample holiday and illness periods, as well as many kinds of educational aids, which include professional advancement and vocational courses.

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