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Swiss Post Newspapers - 29 December 2018

From new Scotch College oars, James Walsh and his three companions have evolved into Olympic winners. They won in the U23 surfboat section of the Adelaide Rescue Championships. Jack Varney, Henry Gillett and Matt Mann are the oar crews. Yes, the guys from the North Cottesloe Surfer Life Saving Club.

"In all the years we've rowed, we've never really won anything important," James said. "We never had any good fortune at a championship, even in our sailboat oars. The Christ Church Gymnasium chose not to take measures against a scholastic shrink after attacking a 12-year-old pupil a week after the event.

Judge David Maclean found Agni (Anne) Angelkovska, depicted, convicted on 28 December of an indictment for bodily harm against the young man, and cleared her of another indictment after a 2½-day lawsuit last month. 21 days after the charges had been brought, she was charged with murder, murder, and other crimes. "It' s a grave betrayal of confidence," Mr Maclean said when Dr Angelkovska threw a bowl of milk in the boy's face in the Peter Moyes Centre of the college in November 2014.

"School is currently reviewing its stance on the subject." More......

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