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The Professional Pack gives you everything you need to lease your lease earlier. The landlord may sell his property during the rental period, even if you have a fixed-term lease. Please see Australia Post delivery times. When you don't know how to advertise your rental property properly, you will find it difficult to find the right tenant. Online promotion of your rental property.

This is how it works - Rent My Place

There is a good many Australians who turn to BuyMyplace to rent their property. Providing the daily grind you need to successfully list your real estate for just $149 and give you instant exposure to virtually 1,000 prospective renters worldwide. It' s a easy on-line site that changes the way we buy, rent and buy all kinds of property - giving the owners complete ownership and potentially savings of billions of dollars.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our helpful distribution staff - 1300 289 697. Using BuyMyplace, ordinary folks get the tool and information they need to buy their property in front of hundreds of prospective purchasers - and the best part is that they can take the money they save.

To find out more about placing an ad, buying a parcel or finding the right property for you, please call our sales department at 1300 289 697.

What is the best moment to advertise my property for rent?

One of the greatest investment challenge is finding out when to put your property up for rent. A number of different things have to be taken into account, and the whole promotional phase can sometimes take a long one. In order to prevent undue delay, it is therefore important to know which season is the best for renting.

Also, when your tenancy expires, when should you begin promoting another one? These are the two best times of year on the letting property promotion markets. Undoubtedly, the best moment to promote your rented property is at the beginning of the year, between January and February.

There has been a significant rise in letting activity in recent weeks, which is good news for investors! At the beginning of the year, many individuals usually find themselves in a period of transition, whether they are beginning a new career, a new college or university, or simply want to make a difference to their lifestyles. In addition, most leasing contracts end at the beginning of the year.

In other words, at the moment the agreement is concluded, the tenant is more likely to look for a new property for rent in order to prevent his or her breach of agreement from giving rise to an obligation. Second most frequent increase in rental demand takes place between June and August. At this point, uni begins with the revenue at mid-year and the semi-annual rental contracts run out, so this is another top season for promotion.

Both of these peaks mean that investor bidders have better applicant qualities, have more room for optimum rent and can be more select both among investor and lessee. In order to constrict a bit further, if you know that your rental contract is about to expire and your lessee does not want to extend it, it is important to know the real time of your commercial.

Too early publicity for your property can seem enticing, but it could have repercussions. There is a danger that the majority of requests will be answered in the first 2 week, long before the rooms are empty. Inversely, too much delayed publicity means that your renters will move out long before you have enough interest to substitute them.

It is a narrow ridge, but the magical timeframe is usually between five and six week. You and your new lessee will have enough free space to find each other, inform your lessor and move out. It is not inconceivable to find appropriate renters at any season of the year.

You should, however, consider what is in the long-term interest of your return on your investments. There is a misbelief that leasing contracts should only have a period of six or twelve months. However, there is no Queensland legislation that states that your arrangement must be made within these deadlines. Queensland, 2014, had an avarage rental period of 13.

That means that if a tenant signs a twelve months rental agreement, then it is advisable to consider the orientation of your tenancies to come to an end at a prime age. Attempting to find renters during vacation periods can cause great (and expensive) headaches. However, the season in which your property is empty or due for renovation can have a significant effect on the level of property enquiry and thus on your ROI.

Whilst you cannot always prevent a vacancy, a strategy can minimize your exposure to stresses, expenses and risk.

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