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You can even post negative comments about your company. However, simply throwing out a picture taken on your smartphone and posting it won't take you very far. Welcome your company's new best friend - Pinterest. Schedule all your contributions in advance. Download your free Social Media For Business Template Bundle!

Creating a post

If you want to post to the Web site, perform these steps: Left-click Post or click Post on the Contributions drop-down list. Select the kind of post you want to make from the specified choices. You' ll see choices to include pictures, video, text, event, offer, and a post icon. The following sizes are required for all uploaded media:

2x250 Pixel and 10 KB limitation. A 10000x10000 pixel and 25Mb size limitation. To see a glimpse of your contribution, click View previews. When you' re satisfied with your previews, click Publishing in the upper-right part of the window. To edit your post, click Back in the top upper menu on the upper right to edit your design until it is available for publication.

Proceed as follows to post with the portable app: Touch Post. Make your contribution. You' ll see choices to include pictures, video, text, event, offer, and a post icon. The following sizes are required for all uploaded media: 2x250 Pixel and 10 KB limitation. A 10000x10000 pixel and 25 megabyte size limitation.

Touch Previous to see a preliminary view of your post. When you' re satisfied with your previews, click Public. Hint: If you want to modify your post, touch Back in the upper menu on the upper leftside. Work on your design until it's available for publication. It is also possible to modify or remove a post.

Creating a Google My Business post that brings you more people.

Our recent online seminar on Google My Business rankings has shown that our board of experts agrees that it will be important to use the natural capabilities of Google My Business next year. Today, Steady Demand's Ben Fisher will explain how Google Posts helps promote search engine optimization and attract clients. Who are Google Posts?

As one of the most potent global reach strategy that a company can use to enhance its global reach is to leverage and optimize its Google My Business (GMB) placements. Although the claim that your Google My Business record does not warrant a rank in Google results, Moz and other trusted source SEOs have shown that GMB records are a known locale ranker.

Your Google My Business entry can not only help with your Google My Business ranking, but is also one of the most important ways to get connected with prospective buyers or prospects on-line. Googles takes its Google My Business programme seriously. Throughout the years, the GMB programme has been introduced, Google has added great functionality that helps make your business entries more resilient.

Those capabilities allow business owner to add more information so prospective clients looking for your business can find out more about what you have to deliver. As one of the latest improvements that has been added to Google My Business Listing, is Post. "The great thing about Google Posts is that when a prospective client looks for a particular company on Google, the post appears in the front and middle of the company's Knowledge Panel:

When a viewfinder hits the post, it widens into an eye-catching advertising space that attracts visitors' attention: Google My Business Post can contain an image, a copy, a Call To Action (CTA) and a web address that you can use to hyperlink to a target page or your website.

Every post has a 300-word limitation, but only the first 100 digits (or less) of the post appear in the company's Knowledge Panel. Below are some general Google My Business Post tips: According to best practice selling techniques, make sure that you put your most important words and messages in the forefront of your post's sales.

Best picture sizes for your Google Post are 750 x 750 and the picture should be centred so that it still looks good when bleed. Don't load an picture smaller than 250 x 250 - it won't be acceptable. Make sure that you look at the article in the pre-view before publication.

When you are not satisfied with the appearance of your picture, try to upload a 400 x 300 picture. Remember that if your picture contains text, the text can be truncated on portable equipment. If possible, it's best to just stay with an picture without text.

Keep in mind that one contribution is your chance to directly communicate with your clients, i.e. to communicate in a semantic way and use a "realistic" conversation sound in your copy. Ensure that the target page you are sending to your users is consistent with the contents of the post and with a user's expectation. Some of the greatest features of Google My Business posts are their use to advertise offers, sells, special offers or product directly in Google results.

In order to make Google My Business Poss essions even more diverse and suitable for almost any kind of business, there are different kinds of Google Poss es that you can create: Choose "Book" and place a shortcut to your termination page on your website or enter your telephone number so they can easily call you to make an arrangement.

Would you like to expand your e-mail subscription roster? Select "Request Quote" and add a promotional quote or voucher - something that will help this prospective client come by or buy from you. Your company's information pane occupies a large portion of the properties in the results when your business is searched online:

Use this room to post articles that attract visitors' interest. With the GMB Post, you can talk directly to anyone who sees this site on-line - so make your messages interesting for them. Take full use of this precious place to present something that will be of value to your prospective clients.

You used Google My Business Posts to present your Veterans Open House menu for the 10 November Veterans Open House. Swiss Post was conceived as an "event" and released on GMB just one weeks before the holidays in order to arouse interest and take advantage of current searching tendencies. Their GMB insight collection showed that the company's Google My Business listings on November 9, 2017 (the eve of the event) in Irving, TX achieved all-time peaks at Discovery Searches, Direct Searches, Viewws on Search (combined with 3 pack ratings locally), Viewws on Maps and even Direction Requests in the last 18 month.

Following the immersion in Google tunes and the search for key words such as "Veterans Day Lunch" and "Free Veterans Day Lunches", found that the number of queries for exactly the kind of events the company hosted during the November 5-11 weekend had increased sharply. Because this company (Irving, TX) is located near many armed and inactive defense organizations, the use and time of Google My Business Post is likely to correlate with the growth in search visibility and actions captured on GMB.

If so, the volume of searches for words such as "Veterans Day Lunches" probably rose (as indicated by Google Trends) in the weeks following the Post's release, and Google used the date and time of the Event Post (along with the words in the Post's content) to measure its relevance, helping the restaurant's business directory to top the results during that period.

In this example, the actual road to sucess was not only to hand over an old post, but also to publish contents related to those user in those sought-after "micro moments". These are just a few examples of how Google Posts can have a big influence on the way companies look for you!

You' re creating a societal multimedia diary, a blogs diary, a printed ad calendar....Google My Business Poss essions are important enough to have enough free space to find out what kind of post your business is going to generate and when. A lot of people believe that Google My Business Posts are basically a marketer vs. a digitizer, so it's important to involve your legacy marketers in planning the kind of messages you're going to create...and when.

Integrate your own creative teams. When you have a highly skilled squad of in-house graphic artists, it will not only be an "Easy....I can knock it out in 10 minutes" effort, but it will also make the more "traditional" graphic artists in your squad look more like part of the company's corporate brand.

Google's little Thank You with Google application will help small and middle size companies to use their Google My Business on-line ratings to produce designer material that you can then upload and use in corporate publications, print and so on. The Small Thanks programme gives you a wide range of ready-made material that you can use to help your business - and the pictures are great for use in your Google My Business post!

Poss essions remain for seven whole nights lives (and venues remain open until the end of the day.) But don't think that all your creativity and effort has been a wastage! Older contributions are filed and appear in a "carousel-like" display when a click is made on a person's post - so seekers can go back and see other contributions you've made.

These are some fast post-content suggestions to get your imaginative juice going: Provide a short overview of your last post and provide a short hyperlink. Introduce one of your favourite co-workers - and tell them why he is your favourite. Emphasize a new project or function of a project or services you are offering.

Provide this service to your prospective clients! Is there something going on in your parish? Engage yourself and help to foster what is happening near you. You got any business messages you want to split? The GMB post office is the place to do it! Contributions are a great "Help Wanted" sign.

Is your company supporting a charitable organisation locally or nationally? Demonstrate your commitment and try to raise funds for the organization through GMB Posts. Publish site-specific information, such as changes to your business times, weather-related emergencies, etc. Share your 5-star ratings with Small Thanks on Google. It'?s a funny place to promot.

We' re not 100% sure what Google has in store for Google My Business, but with the breakneck pace they have released great functions that help companies deal with clients like never before, we are hoping they will continue. He is a Google My Business Top Contributor and an expert since 1994 in the field of advanced search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing.

He is the co-founder of Steady Demand, which works with agency and business to maximise outsourcing of search engine optimisation and social media.

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