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Turn, stop and re-start your job slots to match your recruitment needs and your recruitment flows. One reusable job slots offers: - Week 1 - You publish a job for an bookkeeper. - Week 3 - There is an emergency need for a support representative. They note down the position of bookkeeper and book a job for a Custodian.

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Would you like to publish job offers in Ghana for free or on the Internet? It is Ghana's premier free job exchange with the opportunity to contact hundreds of thousands in Ghana. There are also sophisticated candidate and CV filter systems to make your Ghana recruiting an enjoyable one.

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Your primary role as Head of Human Resources will be to lead all ~350 staff and to shift the HR direction to HR expansion and staffing, encompassing all facets of recruitment, on-boarding, interpersonal relationships, coaching, engagement, growth, seniority, off-boarding and off-boarding. Implement and maintain all HR policy and practices that lead Jumia organizations (onboarding, contract, in-house policy, migration, vacation planning, salary, offboarding); ensure that administrative operations run seamlessly; maintain adherence to all HR (safety, healthcare, others) and work issues for all Jumia organizations; lead the HR and administration teams on a day-to-day and evolving level.

Implement and manage all HR policy and practices that lead Jumia organizations (recruitment, learning, workforce development, workforce transition, engagement, succession plan, PPR ); ensure smooth operations; implement and manage our business process improvement system (objective, performance-oriented, and transparent); use analytics to impact policy making and tackle organisational issues for business development; promote and coordinate initiative to help achieve organisational transformation; drive the attainment of HR results through the use of human capital, the development of service delivery models, and the development of organisational transformation; drive the attainment of HR results through the use of human capital, the development of service delivery systems, and the development of business process models.

Enhances the achievement of others by strengthening a powerful culture of guidance and mentoring; works in close collaboration with leaders to develop, execute and execute HR activities (policies, programmes, processes...); assists leaders in supporting and implementing personnel improvement measures. Troubleshooting capability; demonstrating operative and strategical capabilities; exemplary track record; comfort in building teams and strengthening employees; strict results and brand awareness; employee engagement; innovation and change; capacity to work on time and adjust to changed circumstances; capacity to create trust through delivering information and action plan in a timely manner; working autonomously, advising where appropriate; self-motivation;

Proven capacity to make informed decisions, assess individuals, handle contradictory prioritisation in a fast-moving setting, and work efficiently with executives and functional managers in a truly multinational organisation; Excellent communications, messaging, coaching, influence and human relations capabilities with the capacity to work efficiently with individuals at all organisational tiers; Passionate to make a real impact in the organisation; At least 8 years of HR expertise; Master's degrees in economics, human resources or related areas needed; English is a plus; Thorough MS Office, z expertise; English is a plus; Thorough understanding of MS Office, z is a must; Good command of the language; Good command of the language; Good communication, training, leadership and leadership abilities; Good command of the language; Good command of the language; Good ability to communicate, coach and influence; Good working with managers and functional managers in a dynamic organisation; Excellent communications, coordinate/interpersonal skills with the ability to work effectively with people at all levels of the organisation.

Our goal is to provide a uniquely qualified and experienced workforce in an enterprising yet diverse business setting; the ability to be part of a global, professionally driven and vibrant global workforce; unprecedented career and individual development as our long-term goal is to educate the next generations of executives for our upcoming web projects. IJM is a fast-growing global organisation that works to defend some of the most endangered and repressed individuals from the violence of inequity, by providing salvation and rehabilitation for those affected and making sure that law enforcement works for the needy.

The IJM is looking for an entry-level detective who will be in charge of carrying out and supervising inquiries into slave trade and providing accurate, timely understandable information on crime victim and perpetrator in the area. Development of a thorough working knowledge of relevant laws and criminal proceedings related to inquiries; development of a thorough working understanding of the functioning of enforced labourers in the territory of the project; maintenance of strict confidentiality of all investigations, investigation strategies and other privileged and sensitive information; recruitment and maintenance of networks of staff and informers providing reliable, prompt and workable information on cases of trafficking in forced labour; support of the research teams in strategy development of inquiries related to trafficking related to labour; execution of cooperative and impartial inquiries related to trade in labour; execution of execution of execution of execution and enforcement of execution services; execution of a comprehensive working understanding of the functioning of enforced labourers in the territory of the projects; maintenance of rigorous privacy of all inquiries, research policies and other confidential information; recruitment and maintenance of a network of staff and informants providing reliable, timely and workable information on cases of trafficking in forced labour; support of the research team in strategy development of investigations related to trafficking in labour; execution of collaborative and independent investigations related to trafficking in labour; execution of execution services related to labour;

Support the process of implementing, overseeing and evaluating policies and best practice for efficient IJM-assisted investigation and intervention on a victim's behalf; act as a testimony before the Tribunal, if necessary; meet all demands on JJM, governments and donors; perform supplementary tasks at the request of the investigator, the FOD or his representative.

Bachelor's degrees from an accredited college preferentially but not necessarily; one year senior level practice in conduct of crime investigations preferentially but not necessarily; fluent and professional in spoken and spoken English as well as Ada, Ewe or Krobo communications; computer skills and knowledge of Microsoft Office uses preferentially but not necessarily; licenced and able to operate a four-wheeled automobile.

It is the International Judicial Mission's task to save the world' s poor and its people from violent acts by saving casualties, putting criminal offenders on trial, putting those who have survived back in security and force, and assisting grassroots prosecution in building a secure and sustainable world. The IJM is looking for a gifted Community Mobilization Specialist to join a multi-disciplinary multidisciplinary effort to combat peddling in Ghana.

Community Mobilization Specialist's main task is to develop community relations, mobilise community and major community leaders to help IJM case work and combat kidnapping at Lake Volta. Identification and development of strategical relations between IJM and Ghanaian governmental agencies within spring and target municipalities; influencing Ghanaian governmental agencies to prioritise the issue of paedophile trade in their Medium Term Development Plan (MDTP); involving and supporting municipalities within spring and target municipalities in the implementation of specific societal interventions to end paedophile trade;

Encourage IJM' s response to combating paedophilia through assistance to rescuing, arresting, restoring, persecuting and reintegrating children; mobilise municipalities and top level players to campaign against paedophilia; and assist in post-conflict work. Building strategical relations with important indigenous leadership in spring and target congregations; training and influencing indigenous leadership on the issue of paedophilia to become proponents; involving indigenous leadership and other influencers to mobilise their congregations to end paedophilia.

Organise grassroots interventions to raise awareness and arm municipalities for paedophile traffic; design strategy sensitive municipalities with incidence of paedophile traffic in spring and target municipalities; assist in the development of strategies for remittances, entering the municipality, prosecution and rehabilitation. Building relations with major ecclesial leadership at the nation and municipal level to advance God's love for justness; mobilizing ecclesial leadership at the nation and municipal settings to assist the work of the IJM and to work against paedophilia; speaking in ecclesiastical circles about biblical justification and paedophilia; and performing all other tasks that may be delegated by superiors.

Bachelor's degrees in a pertinent subject from an accredited college; preferably, but not mandatory; solid Bible comprehension in soft questions; at least 3 years of professional practice with church, grassroots, community and civic groups; excellent writing and oral communication abilities; capacity to convincingly formulate the IJM' s missions and positions to different target groups;

Exceptional analytic and detail oriented abilities; knowledge of MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint; flexibility and capacity to prioritise and work on multi-project assignments; experienced in searching ways to optimise finite resource; sophisticated teammate with powerful human capabilities; experienced in network with thought leader and strategically powerful persons/groups. Maturity of the Eastern beliefs; A true love for IJM and Bible righteousness; A high degree of sincerity and integrality; A gift for personal attention and support for a wide range of interest groups; Personal; Imaginative; Bridge-builder and strategy; Self-starter with powerful initiatives.

It is the International Judicial Mission's task to save the world' s poor and its people from violent acts by saving casualties, putting criminal offenders on trial, putting those who have survived back in security and force, and assisting grassroots prosecution in building a secure and sustainable world. The International Justice mission (IJM) is looking for a skilled and vigorous expert to make sure that all its programmes have high level supervision to provide proof of achievement and impacts.

Applicants must have experience in programme planning, programme planning, programme planning, programme planning, programme planning, programme planning, programme planning, programme planning, programme planning, programme planning, programme planning, programme planning, data control, data quality monitoring and/or data quality assurance in the fields of international development, health or justice. Ensure coordination of information gathering, monitoring and analytical activities and continuous assistance to locally based partners; manage information summarys/aggregations for periodic reports to IJM headquarters and outside sources on a month-to-month and quarter-to-quarter basis; conduct periodic information reviews of programme monitor information and work with error recovery groups; build and integrate systems to monitor the gathering, verification and use of monitor information.

Providing support to programmes so that they have a credible blueprint to demonstrate the results achieved and their value to impacts; contributing to the creation of new/revised programmes, in particular for basic reviews, surveillance indicator and assessment schemes; reviewing drafts of programme proposals/plans for the effectiveness of their surveillance and assessment methods and schemes; participating in multidisciplinary in-house assessment groups, involving the setting of targets for outside assessors; participating in the programming, implementation and redesign of programmes following outside reviews.

Mentoring programme employees on topics related to actual monitors; find out about the most important trends in the area of monitors and adjust the programmes. Bachelor's degrees in Welfare, Global Engineering, Evaluating, Research, Programme Leadership or another related discipline, preferably Master's degrees; at least 5 years of proven track record in programme supervision, information administration and/or analysis - including: identifying, administering or supervising a comprehensive programme; carrying out information audit or QA assessment; collecting, synthesising and analysing statistical and statistical information; presenting programme supervision or QA results in an effective manner to interest groups; developing an assessment outline.

Over 3-5 years of operational and leadership management time. Control and mange the profitably provision ing of a proprietary, value-added distribution, solution and services infrastructure through the Commercial Banking Suites to expand and sustain the high-quality franchise. Formulate, control, measure und control the execution of a Commercial Suites distribution capability to increase new client activity and increase portfolio pallet shares within the portfolio administered by the Commercial Banking Relationship Manager in the Suites.

Measure, monitor and administer revenue goals and budget for the business unit (suite). Designs and deploys best selling and best market practice to deliver business performance and client expectation. Offers advice, promotion, sale and structuring of a broad and varied portfolio of financing products tailored to the needs of high-value business clients.

Represents a continuous second face to top client in the commercial segment to ensure that the full scope of their relationship with the Bank is fully understandable and adequately controlled. Selects, oversees and controls (in cooperation with in-house counterparties ) compliance with applicable operating segment SLAs, industry best practices and lead time in accordance with the performance commitment for both operating and nonoperating segment SLAs and storage policies.

Proactively liaise with senior credit, fulfillment and branch management stakeholder groups to make sure that they meet easier, better and quicker levels of customer care. Describes and epitomizes the expertise that Commercial Proposition must provide to clients and people. Evaluate your organization's strength and areas of focus and make sure your technical personnel get the training they need.

Execute a powerful coach function and assist your channel representatives within the suite. Champ of talented leadership in the suite by establishing and deploying a growing, challenging, mentoring learning environment. Experienced in administering a large pool of high-value corporate and enterprise customers. Earlier leadership experiences (+/- 5 years) as a Relationship Manager in handling high-quality business customers are indispensable.

These experiences provide a general insight into the functioning of corporate banking and commerce as well as an appreciation of the corporate risk, sector risk and finance needs of the corporate world. Experienced in the areas of budget, forecast, cost management and customer finance analyses. Substantial expertise in the preparation and motivation of loan requests is indispensable for litigation.

A few experiences in leading a marketing department. Previous budget, forecast, cost and distribution expertise is critical. The salaries and additional services associated with Swiss Post are highly competitive. Offers consistency in healthcare through the development and implementation of health outcomes. Join the medical staff and take part in the supervision and evaluation of patients/customers.

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