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Immediately start a free trial version to advertise your job offers on top job boards. Here I will provide you with some free job boards, you can try it to publish your job offers and find employees easily. Produce a job poster in MINUTES, with easy-to-use tools and a variety of professionally designed templates. Publish job offers free of charge on our website. A free job posting website for employers in Nigeria.

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You will see your company name on the job ad and next to the entry in the results. You can distinguish As Branded PLUS in your results by putting a featured brand next to your post and marking it with a colored square. Spotlight means that your ad will appear at the top of the related list.

Indeed, a complete guide to the vacancy notice

They' ve also featured some of the highest value CVs and are one of the few job posters that allow an employer to post job advertisements for free or click to paid for posts (as opposed to having to prepay a substantial $400-500 fee). What happens to be the subject of our today's blog: job offers on Indeed.

Indeed is the world's biggest job exchange with the biggest Internet job search population. It is free of charge for companies to apply directly for a job as long as the company has not published more than 5 job offers at the same date. In fact, an integrated ATS (Applicant Monitoring System) provides all recruiters who promote on their website with the ability to keep an overview of the applicants who have submitted applications. is a job portal for jobseekers. All advertisements on Indeed are automatic mobiles, which means you can take full advantage of the fact that 54% of jobseekers use their mobiles to find work. In fact, a number of core sets of competitively priced salary and job title metrics provide information that can be used to notify and enhance your job advertisements (we've even used them to build industry-specific blogs).

Legend has it that a job placed on Indeed is three time more likely to be hired than monsters, LinkedIn and careerbuilders together, according to research. Lastly, because it's simple for jobseekers to use, it's their job search engine, which means when you're not there or when you're making the most of what you're missin'.

Navigate to and click the Post Job icon in your browser. Register as an employee by simply typing in your e-mail adress and a safe pass word. In order to post a free job on the website, you only need to complete 3 sections of the Indeed form:

Oh, and it's unlikely that folks will involve specific signs in their quest, so skip those too. You ask yourself, "How would I deal it verbally?" Recruiter are best if they can actually make a personal sale - so it is important to make a friendly sale. Describe your job as you would yourself describe it to a potential employee.

So why would you do something like that in your job ads?! You can use this type of story-telling detail in your job ads. Titles are a great way to organize your job ad and offer an easy-to-read interface for jobseekers. Emphasizing the most important catchwords and points in your job offer improves your bid.

First, give your candidate the chance to buy and then strengthen it with the most important detail. When you post a job at Indeed, you gain automatic entry to Indeed's integrated candidate tracing system. Indeed allows you to simply organize your job advertisements on Indeed by offering a timetable that allows you to see all your job seekers at a single sight, see and forward their CVs, send them by e-mail and even plan interviewing them, all in one place.

You can also create useful job reporting that keeps track of the viewpoints and hits of your job advertisements. Using these key decision making metrics enables your organization to enhance the value of the talent that comes to you. Now although we have it from good source that the overwhelming majority of jobseekers will be scrolling to page 7 of the results, the best way to keep your job ad at the top of the stack is to actually paid to advertise it.

SPONSERED job offers are the top 2-3 and the top 2-3 offers on every job hunting page: Often, sponsorship offers exceed the performance of vacant or organically managed jobs by a factor of 3-5. Now, as I mentioned earlier,'s results are predicated on relevance and timeliness, which means that your free/organic offerings tend to drop further down the results with time.

Advertisements not advertised, they always stay up/down. In fact, com's sponsorship advertisements work on a pay-for-performance basis, which means you are charged a specific commission for every click you receive from the advert you sponsor, typically between $25 - $1.50/£0. 12 - £0.70/?0. 15 - ?0.90 or so.

The only thing you need to do to sponsorship a job on Indeed is to click on the "Sponsor this job for further review" link when viewing your job advertisements under the Jobs page in Indeed's integrated ATS:

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