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Publish free ads on the most popular and top ranked sites in Nigeria. De Enugu List Directory Classifieds & Forum account access. Because Cozy is a little different than the other sites on this list. Are you ready to start selling eBay classifieds? Once your ad is ready, click the "List item" button to bring it live.

FAQ - Control

F. What happens if I want my post to run for more than thirty of a day? A. All free classifieds will run for thirty automatic workingdays. The article and the art work (if available) are removed after thirty workingdays from the database by default. Q. How do I use the Elaan's List email on my post?

A. All contributions have an email account of 'Elaan's List'. It is directly under the heading of the article and looks like this: Some number' is the same as the 'ad id number' of the post. In order to prevent spamming or for data protection purposes, the advertisers can enable and use this email addresses to send emails instead of exposing their own email addresses to possible abuse on the Internet.

Any message sent to this email adress will be redirected to any email adress. Your email will remain valid for six month or until you place your ad. Q. How do I enable the Elaan's List email on my post? A: To enable your email address: 2 ) Once you have made your purchase, you will be asked to provide your ad ID number, your ad passwords and the email addresses to which you wish to forward your incomming notifications.

When you are done, click the "Activate" button. 3 ) To use the email of your Elaan's List in your post, click on the "Update" button in the top left corner of the page and make the changes directly to your post. F. What is the sales department's email name? A. There is no publicly available e-mail for the sales department.

To use the sales department sales enquiry request you can click on the sales department link here or here. A: Here is a brief list of ads that will most likely be rejected: A. Three things to keep in mind when placing an ad on Elaan's Singapore List: you can use the "ad locator" utility ("Where is my post?" in the top right column) to find your post.

Q. Do you have any work at Elaan's List Singapore? A. Insert a space immediately before and after an e-mail or page URL. A. Insert a space immediately before and after an e-mail or page URL. A. Insert a space immediately before and after an e-mail or page URL. A. Insert a space. F. How do I use the list boxes when I create my ad?

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