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But it doesn't have to be expensive: There are many free possibilities to market a company. Free classifieds, Post ads for free, Online classifieds advertising site in India, Free classifieds. You can also place an ad for free! Quickly get your ads approved by following the guidelines and checklist in this post. We' ve taken a free video course so you won't miss a step!

Which are +Post ads?

Ever hear of +Post ads from Google? Google's +Post ads give your media resources enormous transparency. Explore in this paper what +Post ads are and how you can use them to share your contents with an even broader public. Which are +Post ads? Their audiences are confronted with more contents than they can actually spend (Mark Schaefer refers to it as a contents shock).

Imagine you can create persuasive online entertainment with blogs, info graphics, pictures or video, but that entertainment is bounded by the wall of your current reader and your favorite channel. +Mail ads help you free yourself from these restrictions so you can get your contents and your messages across to the right audience - the right audience.

Google +Post ads allow you to advertise your precious Google+ assets on third parties' sites. Advertise all your community assets - images, video, updates, meeting places - everything! Good tidings are that +Post ads are not in the Google+ streams (hurray!). Instead, they're delivered through Google's display network, and you can manage them from your AdWords emailccount.

When you' re not comfortable with the Google Display Network, it's a chargeable ad serving process that displays your ads (such as your +Post ad) to targeted sites and target groups most interested in your products or services. The following example shows Toyota's +Post display on

Obviously everyone can see your +Post ad contents, but the unique thing about these ads is that Google sign in visitors can share your contents again, +1 or add comments directly in the ad without going to Google+. If your contents contain a hyperlink to your website, your visitors can click through.

At the moment, if you want to use +Post ads, you must be a qualifying trademark on Google+ (you must have over 1,000 followers). And if you don't have 1,000 Google+ enthusiasts yet, increase your effort to get more exposure and broaden your audience. Because +Post ads use your Google+ update, it's important that these look optimal.

Optimising your Google+ experience to make your ads look good means you get the experience you want. To maximize your usability and interactivity (both with Google+ and your +Post ad), use engaging pictures and/or video, high-performance authoring, clear prompts, and +Post formats (i.e., fat, underlined, and italic). When creating your refresh text, remember that short +Post ads with a hyperlink have a higher clickthrate.

At this broadcast meeting point, Google+ specialist Jesse Wojdylo will describe some more ways you can build Google+ postings that promote splitting (and are likely to work well with +Post ads). By optimising your Google+ update, your +Post ads will also be optimised. And, as you would expect when a new audience sees a relevent, useful ad, they are more likely to be interacting with it.

However, the real mechanism of creation and use of Google +Post ads is easy. Whether you believe it or not, Google +Post ads and Facebook ads are great mates. +Postal ads and customized Facebook audiences can work together to help you find, follow, and promote more of your population. So if you aren't comfortable with Facebook's customized targeting, here's a brief outline.

User-defined target groups allow you to place a convert pixel on different pages of your website (e.g. a target page or a convert page). If someone is visiting a page with a convertixel, Facebook collects that person's Facebook Profile information and uses it to send your ads to similar individuals (those most interested in your message).

What is the ratio of this to +Post ads? By creating a +Post ad that contains a hyperlink to a particular page on your site, you can add a Facebook convert pixel to that page. Since your +Post ad has the power to connect with tens of thousands of viewers through the Google Display Network, you can grow the number of individuals who correspond to your Facebook ad destination.

This is really useful for your upcoming Facebook advertising campaign. Using the extra information about new leads, you can run various Facebook re-marketing initiatives to promote your contents. You can, for example, build a customized public from past website viewers to display ads for your latest blogs entries. Facebook Ads are highly dependent on prompts to promote the conversion of their ads, which is the main reason for the differences between Facebook marketing and +Post Ads.

+Mail ads use your thought process (through your Google+ updates) to connect with new target groups. +Post ads no longer restrict you from the AdWords restricted ad type. Instead, you have full +Post ad management controls because they work with your Google+ assets smoothly. And you can still use Google+ update to grow your fidelity to your latest trailers, and then use the same contents to target a wider range of users with +Post ads.

Share optimised, interesting and useful Google+ contents via +Post ads to expand your Google+ audience, connect with your current fan base and find new members for your team. Did you use +Post ads? We have 17 traces of contents available to you at Social Media Marketing City.

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