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Advertisements in newspapers are dead; long live the Internet! The Craigslist website is free among the many venues where you can promote your rental property and even allows you to publish a photo. Post-war home with unlimited potential. FREE post AD of your house or property and wait until the buyer contacts you.

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Easy ways to post an ad for rent on Craigslist

A good place to find a tenant for your rented accommodation is the web. There are some websites that make you charge a commission to publish your ad, but Craigslist is free and publication is straightforward. All of these basic moves will have your ad up in no time so you can start testing new leaseholders for your rent.

On the right -hand side of the page, click on the state or town where your real estate is situated. It is easy to set up an affiliate using craigslist if you do not have an affiliate yet. You must enter a correct e-mail date and enter a correct one. Furthermore, Craigslist often requires you to verify your bank details by associating it with a telephone number.

To activate your trading area, you must also accept the conditions of use of your trading area. You now have the option of where to "place your new ad". On the next page, select a categorie for your apartment. There are several possibilities available from craigslist, among them rented flats, rooms and shared flats, sub-lets and holiday and temporary accommodation.

Suppose this is a conventional letting, you would select "Apartments for rent" and click Next. Suppose you own the real estate you hope to rent, the next thing you'd click on is "Apartments by Owner" when asked, and then click Next. On the next display you have the possibility to see an area of your town where you can switch the display.

Please click on the area that best illustrates the situation of your real estate. When your real estate is in Brooklyn, click on Brooklyn and proceed. Once you have selected the categories for your real estate, you will be taken directly to the page where you can place your ad. Otherwise, you will proceed after you select your site.

Complete all necessary boxes, as well as the rent you require, the postal details and the real estate details. The upload of images of the real estate is a must, because many will not inform themselves about an apartment if they can not first see images of it. Your e-mail adress will be anonymized automaticaly by the Craigslist. If you wish, you can modify it to display your current e-mail adress, but there is always the chance that your e-mail adress will be intercepted by a spammer.

So you can go back to craigslist to verify. On the right, click on the area where your real estate is on. "Now enter the adress of your real estate in the searching field above. You must allow 48 consecutive hour to place another ad. You have the option of re-booking your account with us after the deadline.

Go to the past ad and click "repost" to republish the same ad. Do not miss to place all the advertisements for the real estate after filling your vacancy. Take the time to check the list.

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