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Sale of a real estate during a rental contract

Before concluding a rental contract, the lessor must notify a potential lessee if he has offered the leased real estate for sale or intends to market it, or if an agent contract exists. Should the lessor wish to resell the real estate during a rental contract, the lessor must notify the lessee in written form within 14 calendardays of the date of conclusion of the purchase contract.

Leaseholder may not promote the properties to be offered for purchase before 14 calendar days or show the properties to potential buyers. In case the real estate is resold - a purchase agreement is concluded - the lessor must inform the lessee as soon as possible after the conclusion of the agreement about the name of the buyer and the date from which the rent is to be payed to him.

You must give at least 14 days' prior 14tice in writing. Lessee may cancel the rental if Lessor has not notified him of his intent to resell and he has concluded a purchase within two month of the commencement of the rental period. In the event of notification in writing of the purchase deed for the real estate, the lessee must make use of his right of termination within two month of receipt of the termination.

In the event that the purchase price for the real estate is not communicated in writing, the lessee may cancel the tenancy with immediate effect. When the lessor wants to resell a rented object, he can show the object to potential buyers. For this purpose you cannot access the real estate more than twice every seven working days or at a previously agreed date with the consent of the lessee.

In the event that no settlement can be found, the lessor must comply with a suitable deadline and indicate a period between 8 a.m. and 8 a.m. However, what can be regarded as appropriate will depend on the circumstance of all persons involved in the transaction. Sales labels may be affixed to the real estate unless the lessee can prove that it would compromise his/her proper enjoyment of tranquility, convenience or private life.

landlords may take photos or videos to promote a real estate for rent. Lessee may decline to have his belongings photoed or filmed. When and how the lessor can ask a lessee to quit the rental contract depends on the rental contract concluded at the beginning of the rental period.

When a purchase deed has been concluded and it is a precondition that the empty ownership of the real estate is handed over to the new owner, the lessor may give the lessee at least 60 calendar days in writing to terminate a periodical rental deed ( 180. 9 KB PDF) to terminate a periodical rental deed.

In the case of a rental contract with a definite duration, the lessor must allow the lessee to stay in the object until the end date specified in the rental contract. Lessor cannot compel a lessee to go before this date. Should a lessor wish a lessee to move out before that date, he may try to arrange this with the lessee.

In the case of a periodical rental period for which no purchase period has been concluded, the lessor may give the lessee termination of the periodical rental period (180. 9 KB PDF) within 90 calendar days. Upon termination of the periodical rental period, the lessor may give the lessee termination of the periodical rental period (180. 9 KB PDF). When an individual purchases a real estate that is currently let on the basis of a temporary rental of more than 12 month, they can ask the lessee to abandon the rental if the rental agreement: is not covered by a reservation.

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